Ext JS Essentials

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  • Set up and create your first Ext JS application
  • Model data and connect the frontend with a backend
  • Architect your applications and develop with best practices
  • Build data-driven grids to display and manipulate tabular data
  • Lay out components on screen in multiple ways
  • Visualize data with charts and drawings
  • Unit test your JavaScript applications
  • Add a custom style to your application with Ext JS themes and SASS

Ext JS 5 is a heavyweight JavaScript framework used by millions to build rich and interactive web applications. Its numerous widgets and advanced data package make it especially well-suited for enterprise class software. The framework encourages the creation of good architectures and is extremely customizable.

Ext JS Essentials is aimed at giving you a fast-track understanding of Ext JS. This book covers the most important aspects of the framework in a concise but comprehensive way, ensuring your success using its many features.

Written around an example application, the book is packed with practical insights into how the framework works, architecting your applications, working with data, and the many widgets on offer.

  • Learn the Ext JS framework for developing rich web applications
  • Understand how the framework works under the hood
  • Explore the main tools and widgets of the framework for use in your own applications
Page Count 216
Course Length 6 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781784396626
Date Of Publication 26 Apr 2015


Stuart Ashworth

Stuart Ashworth is a freelance web and mobile developer and an all-round web geek currently living in Glasgow, Scotland, with his fiancée, Sophie, and wee dog, Meg. Since graduating with a first class honors degree in design computing from the University of Strathclyde, Stuart has worked in the IT industry creating software for both large and small companies across the UK and around the world.

Stuart has worked with Sencha technologies for over 5 years, creating numerous web applications, mobile applications, and framework plugins along the way. He coauthored Ext JS 4 Web Application Development Cookbook, Packt Publishing and also curates content for the fortnightly Sencha Insights e-mail newsletter (www.sencha.com).

Stuart enjoys playing football, snowboarding, and traveling. He blogs about Sencha and web technology on his website (www.stuartashworth.com), and can be contacted through Twitter at @StuartAshworth9, through e-mail at stuart@stuartashworth.com, or through the Sencha forums.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan is a technologist and businessman from Scotland. He has a combined passion for IT and business and now runs his own company, SwarmOnline, which specializes in cloud and mobile applications. Although Andrew is a managing director, he is also an experienced and highly competent technologist and solutions architect. His first experience with Ext JS was in 2009 when he introduced the framework into the NHS. Since then, he's become passionate about Sencha and its technologies.

As experts in Sencha technologies, Andrew and his team employ them regularly to build rich and complex business applications. His experience lead him to coauthor Ext JS 4 Web Application Development Cookbook, Packt Publishing and he is now a sought-after conference speaker, having previously spoken at numerous technology events across the globe. You can follow him on twitter by @andrewmduncan and email him at andrew@swarmonline.com.

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