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Ext JS 6 By Example

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  • Install Ext JS Sencha Cmd 6 and debugging tools such as Illumination, App Inspector, and Sencha Fiddle
  • Understand and apply the core concepts and querying capabilities of Ext JS 6
  • Dive deep into powerful components such as Grid, Data View, Trees, and different kinds of charts including 3D charts as well as Bar, Area, Pie, Line charts
  • Discover how an Ext JS 6 application communicates with the server side through Data Packages such as Stores and Proxies
  • Discover how to create responsive web applications and client-side routing
  • Acquire and implement knowledge on accessibility, localization, and the drag-and-drop and theming capabilities of Ext JS 6

Ext JS is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks used to create rich interactive web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML, JSON, and DOM scripting.

It provides a complete rich set of GUI controls, has an excellent API for AJAX and REST, and helps users to organize their code with Model View ViewModel (MVVM) or the MVC architecture, and supports two-way data binding, responsive layouts, responsive design, and more.

It is an extensive, one-stop-shop to build an JavaScript RIA application.

This book starts with a clear step-by-step installation guide for Ext JS 6 and the additional tools required for development on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It then covers the core concepts and fundamentals of Ext JS 6.

We move on to focus on multiple basic GUI controls such as buttons, message boxes, and menus, and a sample project that covers the fundamental and basic GUI controls. You’ll also learn how to design a form with form fields such as a text field, number field, date picker, label, and radio button, and learn about form validation. We proceed to show you how to organize your code using the MVVM application architecture, and you’ll then jump into advanced controls such as Grids, Trees, Data Views, and Charts.

You’ll also learn about the API required for AJAX and REST communication, and learn all need to know about Ext JS Data Packages. A working RESTful API sample project is included to help you explore the Data Packages. Finally, we end with a discussion on responsive design, theming your application, and the available plugins.

  • Explore, debug, and get practical by extending the sample projects, including a sample RESTful API project in Ext JS 6
  • Gain a quick and easy understanding through working source code and get an explanation of multiple cool sample projects
  • A project-based guide to help you get your hands on real-world applications
Page Count 226
Course Length 6 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781783550494
Date Of Publication 27 Aug 2015


Anand Dayalan

Anand Dayalan is a software engineer who resides in the U.S. He currently works for Microsoft in Seattle. Anand has extensive experience and passion in developing scalable and cool-looking enterprise web applications.

He started building web applications in 2005 and has built numerous enterprise web applications, including an e-commerce web application, using Ext JS and Microsoft technologies.

Anand enjoys watching movies, listening to music, reading, cooking delicious food, and (most importantly) spending time with his family.