Ext JS 4 First Look

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  • Learn the major changes in Ext JS 4 and its compatibility with Ext JS 3, including how to load components by demand.
  • Understand how to use the new Data package, including new features such as Model, Associations, Validations, new Proxies, etc.
  • Organize Ext JS 4 components into containers using upgraded and new Layout engines.
  • Create bar, pie, radar, scatter, gauge, line, and area charts without using Flash and customize them.
  • Learn what has changed in Ext JS 4 components such as Grid, Tree, Form.
  • Change and create new themes using Sass and Compass.
  • Build a complete application using the new Ext JS MVC architecture.
  • Compare Ext JS 3 with Ext JS 4 class names.

Ext JS 4 is a JavaScript framework that provides resources to build Rich Internet Applications with great performance. Ext JS 4 has been packed with many new features and it is difficult to master, even for seasoned experts in Ext JS 3.

Ext JS 4 First Look teaches you the main functional areas of Ext JS 4 that have significant new features, explains the new features and how to use them, while highlighting the differences between Ext JS 4 and the previous versions.

This book will give you the knowledge to make the required changes to Ext JS 3 application to build a complete Ext JS 4 application.

This book provides examples of how to load Ext JS components by demand, charts, grid, tree, forms and panels, new data model, themes and mvc architecture.

Ext JS 4 First Look provides full examples and illustrations to help you easily learn the new features of Ext JS 4.

  • Migrate your Ext JS 3 applications easily to Ext JS 4 based on the examples presented in this guide
  • Full of diagrams, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions to develop real word applications
  • Driven by examples and explanations of how things work
Page Count 340
Course Length 10 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781849516662
Date Of Publication 10 Jan 2012


Loiane Groner

Loiane Groner has over 10 years of experience in developing enterprise applications. Currently, she works as a business analyst and a Java/HTML5/JavaScript developer at an American financial institution.


She is passionate about technology, publishes articles on her blog, and has presented talks at conferences about Java, ExtJS, Cordova, Ionic, TypeScript and Angular.


She is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Visual Studio and Development Technologies. She has also authored other Packt books.