Ember.js 3.x Web Development Recipes [Video]

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  • Create a component with actions and events
  • Set up a model with Ember Data using fixture data
  • Create several different types of test case and run them
  • Manage and set up user authentication using Ember Simple Auth
  • Add animated transitions to your app with Liquid Fire
  • Set up a service and initializer with dependency injection
  • Create a working chat application

Ember.js is an open source JavaScript framework that will make you more productive. It uses common idioms and practices, making it simple to create amazing single-page applications. It also lets you create code in a modular way using the latest JavaScript features. Not only that, it has a great set of APIs to get any task done.
This course provides in-depth explanations on how to use the Ember.js framework to take you from beginner to expert. You'll start with some basic topics and, by the end of the course, you'll know everything you need to know to build a fully operational Ember application.

We'll begin by explaining key points on how to use the Ember.js framework and its associated tools. You'll learn how to effectively use Ember CLI and how to create and deploy your applications. We'll take a close look at Ember templates by examining bindings and observers. We'll then move on to Ember components, models, and Ember Data. We'll show you examples on how to connect to RESTful databases. Next, you'll get to grips with testing via integration and acceptance tests using QUnit. We will conclude by covering authentication, services, and Ember add-ons.

The code bundle for this video course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Ember.js-3.x-Web-Development-Recipes

Style and Approach

Each video will make it that much easier to understand Ember.js. Video after video, you will learn Ember.js concepts by following simple step-by-step processes.

  • One-stop solution to the key features in Ember.js. 
  • Become skilled in the art of building web-apps with a fraction of the code you'd define in other frameworks. 
  • Build JavaScript apps that don't break the web! 
  • Learn Ember.js via topics that have been broken down into simple-to-understand recipes
Course Length 2 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781789801712
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2018


Erik Hanchett

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