Easy Web Development with WaveMaker

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  • Design better performing, more usable, and more scalable web applications that are easier to maintain using WaveMaker Studio
  • Understand both the big picture and the file-by-file assembly of a WaveMaker application and the WaveMaker framework
  • Rapidly generate forms, data models, and services from existing relational databases and web services
  • Customize the generated application and add complex custom features using standard technologies including CSS, JavaScript, and Java
  • Diagnose and debug problems in applications using the Chrome developer tools and the Eclipse debugger
  • Secure applications by developing an understanding of how security is applied and leverage that understanding to be confident in the results
  • Understand the deployment options and requirements for WaveMaker applications, from the desktop to the cloud
  • Access and leverage the underlying Dojo Toolkit and Spring Framework to build custom solutions to enterprise problems

Developers of all levels can now easily develop custom, responsive, and rich web application clients with secure, scalable servers utilizing relational databases and RESTful services using WaveMaker Studio. Whether you need a departmental business application or a form application for your weekend club, this book will show you how to design, develop, and deploy professional grade web applications with WaveMaker.

Easy Web Development with WaveMaker will help you use WaveMaker to design, develop, and deploy rich, responsive web applications, even if you are not a programmer. If you need to build a data-driven web application, but you only know ‘enough to be dangerous,’ you need this book.

This book examines every angle of using WaveMaker to build applications, from dissecting examples to customizing, deploying, and debugging your own applications.

This book enables the non-professional programmer to become comfortable not only with using WaveMaker Studio itself, but also with the artefacts produced by the studio as well as the runtime and services provided by the WaveMaker framework. You will learn everything, from how customize the user experience with JavaScript and CSS to integrating with custom Java services and the Spring Framework server-side.

Easy Web Development with WaveMaker 6.5 is packed with examples, code samples, screenshots, and links to equip you to be successful with WaveMaker Studio.

  • Develop and deploy custom, data-driven, and rich AJAX web and mobile applications with minimal coding using the drag-and-drop WaveMaker Studio
  • Use the graphical WaveMaker Studio IDE to quickly assemble web applications and learn to understand the project’s artefacts
  • Customize the generated application and enhance it further with custom services and classes using Java and JavaScript
Page Count 306
Course Length 9 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781782161783
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2013


Edward Callahan

Edward Callahan is an accomplished open source software engineer and consultant living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently with Typesafe, Edward was the Scrum Master and a core contributor to the WaveMaker project in VMware's SpringSource division. He led the formation of the WaveMaker developer community and has written countless forum posts, examples, and wiki articles about its development. Prior to joining WaveMaker, he was a Senior Manager of technical support for Progress Software's Enterprise Infrastructure Division. He completed his education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Northeastern University.