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  • Update the database of a Drupal project to reflect changes in the codebase
  • Optimize, execute, and monitor periodic and one-off tasks
  • Browse through Drush and Drupal's hook implementations and functions
  • Implement a roll-back mechanism on your commands to handle errors
  • Define a group of site aliases to manage all the environments of your Drupal project
  • Create shell aliases and adjust the default behavior of frequent commands
  • Set up a development workflow for a team

Drush for Developers, Second Edition, takes common challenges in Drupal projects and solves them using Drush. This book starts with the different installation approaches for Drush and its command structure. It then moves on to perhaps the trickiest challenge in Drupal projects: keeping code and configuration together during a project's lifetime. Next, we will deep dive into the tasks needed to keep a website under control and learn how to run, automate, and monitor them effectively.

Error validating and debugging our Drush commands is a must and this book has a whole chapter on that topic. The magic of managing remote Drupal projects through Drush site aliases is explained in the following chapters through a practical example. Finally, the book wraps up by putting in practice all the concepts covered in previous chapters in order to implement a development workflow for a team.

  • Install Drush on different systems, and download and install a full Drupal site in seconds
  • Automate, optimize and monitor periodic and one-off tasks
  • Manage multiple environments and define commands to simplify and automate processes within a team
Page Count 180
Course Length 5 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781784393786
Date Of Publication 29 Jan 2015


Juampy Novillo Requena

Juampy Novillo Requena started working as a web developer in London. After spending a few years developing with plain PHP, Symfony, and Ruby on Rails, he discovered Drupal. Drawn by the Drupal community and the mind-blowing effect of getting a project done 10 times faster than before, Juampy has never looked back.

Since then, he's become more and more involved in the issue queues, which in turn led him to become a maintainer of core and contributed modules. He organizes events, gives sessions at national and international conferences, and has written the book Drush User's Guide, Packt Publishing. He feels privileged to experiment, have fun, and be challenged every day. He is known as juampy on and IRC. His Twitter account is @juampynr.