Drupal Multimedia

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You will learn to:

  • Find your way round contributed modules for adding media to Drupal sites
  • Store and display images in nearly any configuration a client may desire
  • Scale and crop images before display on your site with ImageCache
  • Add effects to your images such as drop shadows, light boxes, and more
  • Examine how a developer may use Views, Embedded Media Field, and other tools to make embedding video even easier
  • Add and manipulate video at a field level using the File Field module
  • Create thumbnail overlays with jQuery
  • Create custom audio fields

Adding and handling multimedia in Drupal, such as images or video, requires the use of many contributed modules, and deciding which ones to use and how to get the most from them is often not a straightforward task.

This book will guide you through the steps necessary to add image, video, and audio elements into your Drupal sites. The book will take you through the contributed modules for handling media, showing you what they do, when to use them, and how to get the most from them. When contributed modules aren't enough, you will see examples of custom Drupal development to add that special touch to your media.

  • Learn to integrate multimedia in your Drupal websites
  • Find your way round contributed modules for adding media to Drupal sites
  • Tackle media problems from all points of views: content editors, administrators, and developers
Page Count 264
Course Length 7 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781847194602
Date Of Publication 30 Oct 2008


Aaron Winborn


Aaron Winborn has been developing websites since the mid-90s. Beginning as a freelancer while teaching at a Sudbury school (a democratic and age-mixed model for young people), his clients demanded more and more features, until he (like everyone and their grandmother) realized he had built a full-featured content management system that required more work to develop and maintain than he was able in his spare time.

He realized at some point that somewhere in the world of Open Source, someone had to have created and released something to the community. Of course, the wonderful news was Drupal.

After converting the existing sites of his clients to Drupal, he continued learning and began to contribute back to the community. About this time, Advomatic, a company with similar interests and a commitment to the Drupal community, began expanding beyond the initial partners who formed it in the wake of Howard Dean's presidential campaign of 2004. Aaron realized that his own goals of creating great sites with a team would be better matched there, and he was hired as their first employee.

Since that time, he has helped to develop some excellent sites, with clients such as Air America Radio, TPM Cafe, NRDC, Greenopia, Mountain News, Viacom, and Bioneers. He has also contributed several modules to Drupal, mostly stemming from his work with multimedia, including Embedded Media Field (for third-party Video, Audio, and Images), Views Slideshow (to create slide shows out of any content), and the RPG module (for online gaming, still in progress).