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Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium

Tracy Smith

Imagine how much an intranet could improve communications in your organization. With this book it’s all made straightforward because we hold your hand every step of the way in setting up a Drupal Intranet using Open Atrium.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849511124
Paperback304 pages

About This Book

  • Unlock the features of Open Atrium to set up an intranet to improve communication and workflow
  • Explore the many features of Open Atrium and how you can utilize them in your intranet
  • Learn how to support, maintain, and administer your intranet
  • A how-to guide written for non-developers to learn how to set up and use Open Atrium

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for beginning to intermediate computer users who either have not worked with Drupal before or want to expand their Drupal knowledge by installing Open Atrium. If you want to learn how to quickly set up an intranet to improve your organization's communication and workflow, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Open Atrium
What is Drupal?
What is Open Atrium?
Who should use Open Atrium?
Chapter 2: Setting up a Web Server
System requirements
Web server platform
Chapter 3: Installation
Part 1: Creating a database
Part II: Drupal and Open Atrium installation
Part III: Drupal administration
Chapter 4: User Administration
User management
User admin tasks
User roles
Chapter 5: Dashboard
Main dashboard
Group dashboard
Modifying the dashboard
Chapter 6: Groups
Importance of groups
Organic groups
Joining a public group
Chapter 7: Document Library
Creating a new book
Adding a child page
Printing book pages
Reference this via Blog entry
Chapter 8: Blogs
Enabling the blog feature
Attaching a file to a blog entry
Editing blog entries
Chapter 9: Case Tracker
Anatomy of a bug
Enabling the Case Tracker feature
Creating a new project
Entering new cases
Finding cases
Viewing cases
Chapter 10: Calendar
Enabling the Calendar
Creating a new event
Editing an event
Subscribing to an iCal feed
Chapter 11: Customization
Case Tracker settings
Site information
Chapter 12: Open Atrium and Drupal Maintenance
Routine maintenance

What You Will Learn

  • Add all the major features of an intranet to your site with Open Atrium
  • Get to grips with Open Atrium's interface and its features
  • Install Open Atrium and customize it for your organization or company
  • Create sub-sites (spaces) for each of your teams, departments, or workgroups
  • Manage users and create a member directory
  • Add core features packaged with Open Atrium such as Blog, Calendar, and Issue Tracker
  • Extend the functionality of Open Atrium by adding pluggable features developed by the Drupal Open Source community
  • Maintain your intranet by performing routine maintenance tasks
  • Analyze your site's logs and reports to ensure that it is running in tip-top condition

In Detail

In today's global society, online collaboration has gained tremendous importance as businesses look for ways to share ideas and collaborate easily. Open Atrium is a powerful and flexible Drupal installation that provides intranet solutions to businesses and organizations for sharing ideas. It is used to create intranets where co-workers or teams can collaborate easily. But Open Atrium is filled with so many powerful features that you may need some help to use it to its full potential.

Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium unlocks the power of Open Atrium and guides you through real-world examples of an Open Atrium intranet. Examples and screenshots are used throughout the book so that you can follow along on your Open Atrium installation. The examples walk through setting up your site, user administration, implementing core features, and maintaining your intranet site.

This book starts off with explaining how to set up a web server on a Windows or Mac computer and install Drupal with the Open Atrium distribution. After installing Open Atrium you will learn how to add and maintain users. The book also covers some exciting topics such as the different "spaces" or "workgroup" micro-sites that can be created to match your organization's structure. Reading each of these sections, you will understand and become familiar with managing the Open Atrium interface. Once you comprehend the Open Atrium interface, you will learn how to create a blog, document library, and issue tracker for each group's dashboard or site page. The book covers everything from editing a single piece of content to arranging the layout of that content on each page.

By the end of this book, you should be able to establish your own intranet site for your organization or workgroup using the Open Atrium Drupal distribution.


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