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Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook

Vernon Denny

Over 70 recipes for exploiting one of Drupal's more popular contributed modules with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849516488
Paperback274 pages

About This Book

  • Build feature-rich Webforms that inspire awe and amazement from the comfort of your web browser
  • Invoke your creative engine with stunning modules that extend an already comprehensive module– even create your own extensions
  • Explore every known nook and cranny of Webform in detailed byte-sized steps, including handling common pitfalls and caveat
  • Companion book website by Vernon, the author of this book, can be found here

Who This Book Is For

Written as a guide for internet users and developers alike, the Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook gives you the tools needed to turn your Drupal website into an information-gathering superhighway. Basic knowledge of Drupal is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting up Webform
Downloading and installing Webform
Configuring Webform for our website
Setting user roles and permissions
Chapter 2: Trying Out Webform
Creating a Webform node
Adding textfield components to our Webform
Cloning components
Adding e-mail components
Adding textarea components
Adding fieldset components
Adding select components
Configuring a reply e-mail
Testing our Webform
Chapter 3: Working with Submissions
Viewing submissions metadata
Viewing submissions
Editing submissions
Analyzing submitted data
Downloading submissions
Deleting submissions
Clearing the database
Changing Webform results defaults
Chapter 4: Discovering More Components
Adding a page break component
Adding a markup component
Adding a hidden component
Adding a grid component
Adding a date component
Adding a time component
Adding a file component
Enhancing component descriptions with HTML
Chapter 5: Tweaking the Form Settings
Confirming submissions
Limiting submissions
Closing and reopening forms
Limiting access to forms
Displaying Webform as block
Saving draft submissions
Warning about previous submissions
Customizing submit button text
Chapter 6: Extending Webform
Enabling the Select (or other) module
Using the Options Element
Defining custom option lists
Enabling date pop-up
Sending HTML e-mails
Preventing spam with CAPTCHA
Advanced data validation
Chapter 7: Theming Webform
Preparing our custom theme
Adding custom CSS
Adding JavaScript tricks
Theming the confirmation page
Theming Webform e-mail headers
Chapter 8: Acting on Webform Submissions
Modifying submitted data
Adding custom validation
Chapter 9: Creating Webform Components
Creating the component module
Defining component features
Defining component defaults
Editing components
Rendering components
Displaying and reporting component data
Analyzing component data
Validating submitted data
Testing the module
Chapter 10: Creating Submission Actions
Creating a new select component
Creating the module
Creating a conditional action
Adding a menu item
Confirming the requested action
Updating a submission
Sending an e-mail
Testing the module
Chapter 11: Presenting and Managing Data
Building custom reports
Counting Webform submissions with views
Tracking changes to submissions
Chapter 12: Going Out of the Box
Building a survey form
Defining same-page conditional fields
Validating on the client side
Importing submissions

What You Will Learn

  • Astonish your friends and impress your clients by your ability to create robust, professional forms in minutes
  • Make your own re-usable select options lists
  • Change the way your form components appear on screen using theming or coding
  • Tweak Webform behaviour to suit almost any context
  • Construct forms with dynamic content as dictated by user input
  • Automatically send customized emails to various recipients

In Detail

The Drupal Content Management System puts everyone in charge of their own internet destiny. Webform takes this power a step further by ensuring that you are never more than just a few mouse-clicks away from fully functional information-gathering forms. From simple contact forms to advanced web applications, Webform provides a solid tool set for both the novice and the expert.

Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook gives you everything you need to achieve in minutes what previously cost hours in development and testing. Practical demonstrations of every facet give both the technical and the not-so-technical users an in-depth understanding of how things work.

Install. Use. Customize. Extend. A mammoth learning curve devoured in small bytes: all digestible, with no choking.

From designing coherent forms, to sending pretty HTML emails and managing data, explore the rich scope of possibilities that Webform enables. Also, easily extend and tune Webform with custom components and functionality.

With Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook you are placed firmly in the driving seat.


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