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Drupal 7 Themes

Ric Shreves

Give your Drupal websites an exciting, user-friendly new look using themes. From installing new themes, to customizing them, to building them from scratch, here is the complete guide you’ve been looking for.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849512763
Paperback320 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to create new Drupal 7 themes
  • No experience of Drupal theming required
  • Discover techniques and tools for creating and modifying themes
  • The first book to guide you through the new elements and themes available in Drupal 7

Who This Book Is For

The main requirements to make use of this book are knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a touch of creativity. You don't need to know anything about theming in Drupal; all you need is basic experience of working with Drupal.

Although this book aims to make Drupal theming accessible to designers, theming in Drupal 7 involves writing some PHP code, and a basic knowledge of PHP will be helpful.

Regardless of your technical skills, this book will teach you to design themes for your Drupal websites quickly and easily.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Learning the Basics of Drupal Theming
The importance of themes in Drupal
What is a theme?
What is a theme engine?
The range and flexibility of Drupal themes
The output of a Drupal theme
The site administrator's view
The default Drupal themes
Theme files
Chapter 2: Working with the Default Configuration and Display Options
Configuring a theme
Controlling module and block visibility
Finding additional themes
Installing an additional theme
Uninstalling themes
Chapter 3: Understanding PHPTemplate Themes
What is PHPTemplate?
How does it all work?
Key PHPTemplate theme files
Chapter 4: Using Intercepts and Overrides
Putting together the pieces
Overriding the default CSS
Overriding templates and themable functions
Working with template variables
Chapter 5: Customizing an Existing Theme
Setting up the workspace
Planning the modifications
Selecting a base theme
Creating a new sub-theme
Customizing the sub-theme
Chapter 6: Creating a New Theme
Planning the build
Creating a new theme through sub-theming
Building a new theme without sub-theming
Chapter 7: Dynamic Theming
Designating a separate Admin theme
Using multiple page templates
Dynamically theming page elements
Creating dynamic CSS styling
Chapter 8: Dealing with Forms
The Default Forms
How Forms work in Drupal
Modifying forms
Chapter 9: Overcoming Common Challenges in Drupal Theming
Maintaining cross-browser compatibility
Creating accessible themes
Creating template suggestions for fields
Creating template suggestions for specific nodes
Suggestions for key modules
Theming Views
Theming Panels
Theming the maintenance page
Troubleshooting your theme
Chapter 10: Useful Extensions for Themers
Drupal modules
Third-party software

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the Drupal 7 Theming Architecture
  • Find and install new themes
  • Get the most from Drupal's theme configuration system
  • Create a new theme from scratch
  • Master PHPTemplate
  • Modify the default templates and styles
  • Override the default templates with your own
  • Create dynamic styling that responds to the content or the user
  • Discover tools that make theming easier and more efficient

In Detail

Drupal is an award winning open source Content Management System (CMS). Based on PHP and MySQL, its power and flexibility combined with its exceptional design mean it is one of the most popular choices for creating a CMS website.

Drupal employs a specialized templating system and supports themes, which allow you to change the look and feel of your system's front and back-end interfaces.

Drupal 7 Themes is an ideal introduction to theming with Drupal 7. If you want to create a striking new look for your Drupal 7 website, this book is for you. This book is a revised, updated and expanded edition of Drupal 6 Themes, rewritten specifically for Drupal 7.

This book will show you techniques and tools to help you improve the look and feel of any Drupal 7-powered website. Starting from the basics of theme setup and configuration, you will learn about the Drupal theming architecture and the PHPTemplate engine, and then move on to modifying existing themes and building new themes from scratch. You will find out about tools to make your theme development easier.


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