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Drupal 7 Multi Sites Configuration

Matt Butcher

Run multiple websites from a single instance of Drupal 7 with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849518000
Paperback100 pages

About This Book

  • Prepare your server for hosting multiple sites
  • Configure and install several sites on one instance of Drupal
  • Manage and share themes and modules across the multi-site configuration

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Who This Book Is For

This book is for Drupal site builders. It is assumed that readers are familiar with Drupal already, with a basic grasp of its concepts and components. System administration concepts, such as configuring Apache, MySQL, and Vagrant are covered but no previous knowledge of these tools is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Multi-site Drupal
Drupal is a multi-site Content Management System
From one site to many
Why multi-site?
Drupal and multi-site
Setting up a server
Installing a Drupal Virtual Machine with Vagrant
Configuring a server (without VirtualBox and Vagrant)
Domain names and IP addresses
Web servers
Configuring MySQL
Chapter 2: Installing Drupal for Multi-site
Manual setup
Downloading Drupal
Installing the first host
Creating the other sites
Getting installation help
Chapter 3: Settings, Modules, and Themes
Configuring sites
Configuring modules
Chapter 4: Updating Multi-site Drupal
Updating Drupal
Updating themes and modules
Chapter 5: Advanced Multi-sites
Favicons and robots
Shared authentication
Shared content
Shared structure
Searching across sites

What You Will Learn

  • Configure MySQL and Apache for hosting multiple sites
  • Prepare Drupal 7 to host more than one site
  • Install several sites on one instance of Drupal
  • Manage, share, or isolate modules and themes in a multi-site configuration
  • Care for your multi-site server, safely managing and upgrading it
  • Rapidly build a multi-site testing environment with VirtualBox and Vagrant
  • Extend the core multi-site configuration with add-on modules

In Detail

Drupal is one of the most powerful PHP Content Management Systems there is. However, why would you install a CMS for every site you build? With just one copy of Drupal you can host several sites. Drupal has long had multi-site support, and Drupal 7’s support is even better than previous versions.

Drupal 7 Multi-Sites Configuration will teach you how to host several websites on a single copy of Drupal. You will learn how to create different sites, each with its own domain, content, and theme. This valuable information will help you to save time by managing modules and sharing them across several sites as well as administering your sites all in one place.

This book will show you how to configure a system for multi-site, and then install several sites on one copy of Drupal, all with their own domain name and database. Learn how to install and share modules and themes, configure Apache, PHP, and MySQL for multi-site, and then manage the site. Once your site system is successfully set up, discover some of the advanced configurations possible with Drupal multi-site, as well as how to upgrade and maintain your sites.


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