Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development Beginner's Guide

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  • Set up Domain Access and Drupal Behaviors that redirect mobile and desktop browsers to the version of the website most appropriate for your client
  • Share content across sites without resorting to a multi-site install
  • Use context and image styles to create a customized view for the home page
  • Create a mobile-friendly menu
  • Bundle several exercises up into a feature that can push new content to your live site in one fell swoop
  • Create a compelling audio and video experience without using Flash
  • Customize a theme that will present your site to mobile and desktop clients alike with a unified marketing message

How disappointing is it to log on to a website for a product or business you love only to discover the feature you were drawn to doesn’t work on your mobile or tablet? Drupal has brand new features to adapt your existing site into a mobile site that will keep your customers coming back.

The Drupal Mobile Web Development Beginner's Guide follows a humble 'Mom & Pop' restaurant website which gets a makeover complete with cutting edge features that play to mobile, tablet and desktop audiences. By following the fun example, you will finish the book having effortlessly adapted your website so that it is accessible and, more importantly, looks good and functions well, on any mobile device.

Restaurant websites are notoriously horrible to navigate and our Mom & Pop example is wellintentioned but no exception to this rule. We bring this site out of the early 1990's with cutting edge development practices and a team development workflow. This pizza chain goes mobile with location services, audio, video, charting and mapping worthy of any multi-million dollar site. Each chapter examines the way the site works and shows you how to move the existing content and functionality into reusable features.

  • Follow the example of a 'Mom & Pop' restaurant site to make the transition to a mobile site easier
  • Prototype a distributed team workflow with GIT version control
  • Implement audio, video, charting and mapping solutions that work on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop browsers
Page Count 338
Course Length 10 hours 8 minutes
ISBN 9781849515627
Date Of Publication 14 Mar 2012


Tom Stovall

Tom Stovall’s mom got him a Timex Sinclair 1000 in 1982 for his birthday and the first night he slept with it under his pillow. Both school teachersand his mom and dad always made sure he had access to computers and today’s programming chops owes its origin to those lazy summers spent in front of whatever hardware he could beg, borrow or use when no one was looking. He started doing websites in 1995 with PERL, later with PHP. He now works for REI Systems, Inc. in Reston, Virginia, doing Drupal-based performance analysis websites for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).