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Drupal 7 Cookbook

Dylan Spencer James

This book digs deep into the fantastic capabilities of Drupal – many of which you may not know about – and presents them as 70 practical recipes for you to start playing with and employing right away.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849517966
Paperback324 pages

About This Book

  • Install, set up, and manage a Drupal site and discover how to get the most out of creating and displaying content
  • Become familiar with creating new content types and use them to create and publish content using Views, Blocks, and Panels
  • Learn how to work with images, documents, and video and how to integrate them with Facebook, Twitter, and Add this

Who This Book Is For

This book is for people who are familiar with the concepts of web development and CMS. If you have previous experience of working with Drupal, then this book will further your knowledge and give you ideas for fun new things to do with Drupal.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring Drupal
Installing Drupal
Installing Drupal distributions
Installing modules and themes
Setting up site search
Creating a multi-site Drupal installation
Chapter 2: Creating and Publishing Content
Creating a basic page and adding it to the main menu
Installing and configuring a WYSIWYG editor
Editing existing content and adding an image
Adjusting the tabbed settings for content nodes
Configuring comments
Publishing an RSS feed of basic pages
Chapter 3: Working with Blocks
Adding a new block
Creating a submenu block
Creating a Superfish menu block
Creating a block with Views
Adding a new block region to a theme
Creating a mega-footer menu
Conditional display of a block
Chapter 4: Custom Content Types
Creating a basic content type
Configuring the output of a content type
Applying an image format
Installing more field types
Creating a more advanced content type
Building a custom content importer
Building a forum
Chapter 5: Using Views to Create Custom Lists, Grids, and Tables
Creating a news listing view
Creating a dynamic view
Creating a latest news block
Creating a news image grid view
Creating a randomly selected list of images
Creating an archived content block and view
Building complex views using relationships
Adding a text search filter to a view
Using attachments to extend Views' output
Chapter 6: Creating Flexible Pages Using Panels
Adding custom text to a page
Adding a block to a page
Adding a dynamic view to a page
Configuring the visibility of the page
Creating a custom page layout using the Layout builder
Chapter 7: Working with Media
Creating a simple slideshow carousel
Creating a document content type
Creating a simple document library
Linking documents to a content type
Adding video to a content type
Chapter 8: Integrating Web APIs
Integrating with Facebook
Displaying a live Twitter feed
Adding simple PayPal integration to content types
Setting up the Add this social bookmarking service
Adding a Google Map to content
Chapter 9: Creating Regular, Mobile, and Tablet Themes
Creating a new theme using Zen
Overriding HTML output of a content type
Creating a "bare-bones" theme from scratch
Using the Mobile tools module
Installing an off-the-shelf mobile and tablet theme
Configuring theme compression and caching
Chapter 10: Working with Other Languages
Installing another language using Locale
Managing interface translation using Locale
Enabling content type translation
Displaying a language switching block for end users
Creating a multilingual View
Chapter 11: Managing Users
Creating new user accounts
Managing user roles
Setting up a new user notification
Adding a biography field to the user profile
Building a grid view of profile pictures
Chapter 12: Running Drupal
System maintenance
Setting up a backup system
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Drupal
Securing a Drupal installation
Configuring Drupal caching
Running commands with the Drush tool

What You Will Learn

  • Create and work with content nodes
  • Organize your site with Blocks and Menu Blocks
  • Work with Views and Custom Content Types (CCK)
  • Building pages using Panels
  • Personalize your site with a document library, an image slideshow, or a custom Drupal 7 theme
  • Learn how to provide your site visitors with multilingual content
  • Manage user accounts, roles, and permissions
  • Maintain, optimize and back up your Drupal site

In Detail

Drupal 7 is a modern Content Management System famed for its flexibility and power. Using Drupal you can easily create custom functionality that would otherwise have to be purchased in many of the other leading CMSs.

"Drupal 7 Cookbook" is filled with recipes to help you to do more with Drupal and improve your skills. Chapters range from content creation, to theming, to managing your site. You will learn how to create your own content types and use them to create Views, Blocks, and Pages. This book will take you from novice to pro in just 12 chapters.

In a wide variety of practical recipes, you will learn how to work with views and panels, how to provide translations for your content to create a multilingual site, and to integrate your site with social media. You can develop the Zen starter theme or learn how to create custom cross-browser compatible Drupal themes, including themes for mobile devices. The Drupal 7 Cookbook contains all of the means necessary to take your skills from those of a novice Drupal user to a proficient site builder.


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