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Django 1.2 E-commerce

Jesse Legg

Build powerful e-commerce applications using Django, a leading Python web framework
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847197009
Paperback244 pages

About This Book

  • Build all the components for an e-commerce store, from product catalog to shopping cart to checkout processor
  • Build a high quality e-commerce site quickly and start making money
  • All the examples in the book will run smoothly for all the versions of Django 1.x
  • Follow a tutorial format to build many components from scratch while leveraging the open-source community to enhance functionality

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Django developer and wish to build an e-commerce application, then this book is for you. You need to be familiar with the basics of developing in Django.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Django and e-commerce Development
21st Century web development
Django as an e-commerce platform
The model-template-view pattern
Payment processors and shopping carts
Exploring the Django framework
What's in a Django app?
Solving small problems
Reusable apps
Organizing Django projects
Preparing the development environment
Django 1.2
Chapter 2: Setting Up Shop in 30 Minutes
Designing a product catalog
Creating the product model
Categorizing products
Adding additional product details
Viewing the product catalog
Designing simple product HTML templates
Getting paid: A quick payment integration
Chapter 3: Handling Customers and Their Orders
Django's auth module
Django users and profiles
Creating accounts with django-registration
Extending the user model with django-profiles
The customer profile
Shopping carts and Django sessions
Checking out: Take two
Super-simple customer reviews
Chapter 4: Building Payment Processors
Building a generic payment processor app
A Google Checkout class
An Amazon Checkout class
PayPal and other payment processors
Chapter 5: From Payment to Porch: An Order Pipeline
Adding status information to orders
Order processing overview
Notification API
Order Processing API
Calculating shipping charges
A simple CRM tool
Other payment services
Chapter 6: Searching the Product Catalog
Stupidly simple search
MySQL simple index searches
Search engines overview
Configuring the Sphinx search engine
Searching Sphinx from Python
Simplifying searching with django-sphinx
The Whoosh search engine
Haystack search for Django
Advanced Xapian features
Chapter 7: Data and Report Generation
Exposing data and APIs
Django's syndication framework
Django sitemaps
ReportLab: Generating PDF reports from Python
Creating PDF views integration
Practical use-cases
Chapter 8: Creating Rich, Interactive UIs
JavaScript: A quick overview
Creating product ratings
Chapter 9: Selling Digital Goods
Subscription sales
Digital goods sales
Content storage and bandwidth
Django and Amazon S3
Amazon FPS for digital goods
Google Checkout Digital Delivery
Chapter 10: Deployment and Maintenance Strategies
Apache and mod_wsgi
Automating deployment with Fabric
Distutils and module distributions

What You Will Learn

  • Leverage Django's strengths to build powerful applications quickly
  • Employ Django Models and Views to create a product catalog
  • Build a flexible categorization system to organize products
  • Create XML templates for selling products through the Google Checkout API
  • Employ advanced Django techniques like class-based and generic views, pluggable resources, and reusable applications
  • Simplify the development process using community projects like django-registration and django-profiles
  • Create fully-featured search engines to index and categorize a product catalog
  • Create integrations with leading web services and technologies like JSON, Salesforce, Amazon Aggregated Payments, and jQuery
  • Explore advanced Django and Python design concepts like class-based generic views and pluggable backends
  • Enhance your e-commerce site's UI with Javascript-Django integration
  • Utilize Django's storage backend to support content storage on Amazon S3
  • Sell digital goods and media using Amazon's FPS micropayments service

In Detail

Django is a high-level Python web framework that was developed by a fast-moving online-news operation to meet the stringent twin challenges of newsroom deadlines and the needs of web developers. It provides an excellent basis to build e-commerce websites because it can be deployed fast and it responds quickly to changes due to its ability to handle content problems. Django with its proven strengths is all you need to build powerful e-commerce applications with a competitive edge.

This book explores how the Django web framework and its related technologies can power the next leap forward for e-commerce and business on the Web. It shows you how to build real-world applications using this rapid and powerful development tool.

The book will enable you to build a high quality e-commerce site quickly and start making money. It starts with the ambitious task of using Django to build a functional e-commerce store in less than 30 minutes, and then proceeds to enhance this design through the rest of the book. The book covers the basics of an e-commerce platform like product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment processing. By the end of the book, you will be able to enhance the application by adding a fully-functional search engine, generating PDF-based reports, adding interactivity to the user-interface, selling digital goods with micropayments, and managing deployment and maintenance tasks.


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