Deep Inside osCommerce: The Cookbook

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The book has 11 chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of osCommerce.

Chapter 1 equips you with a few very easy and very important changes to the basic design which will make developing and later modifying a whole new template a breeze.

Chapter 2 will help you modify your navigation to ensure a smoother shopping experience for your customers.

Chapter 3 covers infoboxes and turns you into an expert in tweaking them to your needs.

Chapter 4 deals with one of the most important visual parts of your shop, the product display in the listings and the detail page.

Chapter 5 outlines different methods to make searching on your site a fun experience. You want your customers to use your search and to find the products you want to sell to them.

Chapter 6 highlights customizations of the checkout process, namely the flow from the shopping cart to the shipping and payment pages up to the order email.

Chapter 7 talks about new shipping modules. You will learn how to adapt existing modules to create completely new rate systems for your shop.

Chapter 8 focuses on existing payment modules and how they can be tweaked.

Chapter 9 provides tips on efficiently using banners as a marketing tool.

Chapter 10 is a goodie bag of extra special treats to indulge your sweet tooth.

Chapter 11 tackles changes in the admin area. You alone will be the keeper of these secret recipes hidden to the public eye.


osCommerce has been around since March 2000. At present there are over 10,000 live, registered osCommerce sites, and about 100,000 registered community members. Apart from providing ready-made solutions to problems, as well as a huge repository of information, the osCommerce community is a living entity with which we can all interact. With the rising success and popularity of this remarkable piece of software, things can only get better.

  • osCommerce expert "Monika in Germany" lets you in on her secrets on how to hack your way to that perfect osCommerce site
  • Create new modules and custom-code your default osCommerce installation
  • Add extensions and features like category driven designs and individual shipping modules
Page Count 400
Course Length 12 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781847190901
Date Of Publication 30 Sep 2006
1. Add Easy Top-Category Driven Stylesheets
2. Create Flexible Column Definitions


Monika Mathé

Fascinated by being able to combine logic and creativity, it seems that destiny had finally found me when I became a software developer and Oracle Certified Database Administrator.

It was a tough call to decide in which field to work, but landing a position in a marketing agency and working with everything from Oracle to SQL-Server and HTML, ASP and JavaScript was a fabulous decision I still congratulate myself for! I learned more about marketing campaigns, e-commerce, CMS and CRM than I had ever wanted to know, I mean, ever thought was possible!

I have been completely absorbed by the Open Source Community - I became an avid believer in php and in MySQL, and definitely in a love affair with osCommerce. I believe almost anything can be done with it... I challenge anyone to prove me wrong!

Being an active member of the osCommerce Online Community, I know preemptively which questions will arise in new shop creation. Presently, I am creating as many customised shops for clients as time allows: of course while urging them to add as many custom coded modules as I see fit... that's dessert for me!
osCommerce Profile Name Monika in Germany