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  • Discover the principles of functional programming
  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of functional programming compared to other styles
  • Learn the language constructs of ES6 that are used for functional programming
  • Write elegant code with chaining and context binding
  • Understand function composition and function sequencing in depth
  • Learn about higher order functions with a special emphasis on map, reduce, and filter
  • Translate SQL queries into chained map and reduce calls
  • Learn currying and partial application in practice
  • Learn recursion, tail-call optimization, and the role of accumulator variables
  • Experiment with optimization techniques combating the performance drawbacks of functional programming
  • Map out a plan for how to continue after the course

In this course, you will have an in-depth overview and the tools in your utility belt to write maintainable code in JavaScript.

We will stick to the latest version of JavaScript in this course, ES2017. You don't have to know ES2017 to benefit from the course, as we will introduce the language constructs that we use during it.

You will experience the benefits of functional programming even if your code is not purely functional. In this course, you will learn the building blocks that act as a utility belt in your arsenal, enabling you to write code that's easy to understand, extend, test, and debug. You will get hands-on practice on how to use currying, partial evaluation, map, reduce, filter, recursion, and other functional programming concepts in ES6.

Style and Approach

This course is geared towards software developers who would like to improve their skills and expertise by sticking to the highest quality standards when it comes to writing code. Take this course if you understand the fundamentals of JavaScript, such as scopes and closures, and you are familiar with at least the ES5 syntax

  • In-depth overview of functional programming techniques in JavaScript
  • Use the latest version of JavaScript to write code in the functional style
  • Learn how to mix functional and non-functional code to write real-world applications
  • Never again get confused about functional programming theory
  • Get hands-on practice by linking theory to practical applications
Course Length 2 hours 47 minutes
ISBN 9781787281899
Date Of Publication 27 Apr 2017


Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy is an engineering manager in an ad tech company heavy on data science. After acquiring his MSc in inference on ontologies, he used AI mainly for analyzing online poker strategies to aid professional poker players in decision making. After the poker boom ended, he put extra effort into building a T-shaped profile in leadership and software engineering.