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  • Master the core Dart language, type system, and key development tools
  • Connect to existing web services, process JSON, and create your own framework for the data display
  • Run and debug the Dart server and web applications and compile them in JavaScript
  • Handle form data and encryption
  • Build and deploy server applications on the major OSes and implement the REST API
  • Work with PostgreSQL—an industry standard relational database system
  • Create robust applications with unit tests, documentation, and diagnostic logging
  • Develop command-line applications, and explore the key data structures and libraries

Designed to create next generation apps, Google’s Dart offers a much more robust framework and also supersedes JavaScript in several aspects. Familiar yet innovative, compact yet scalable, it blows away the accumulated JavaScript legacy limitations. Dart was designed for great tool-ability and developer productivity, allowing you to create better application faster than before. Google chose it for their billion dollar advertising business and you have its power for your projects too.

This book will introduce you the Dart language starting from its conception to its current form, and where it headed is through engaging substantial practical projects. You will be taken through building typical applications and exploring the exciting new technologies of HTML5.

With example code projects such as a live data monitoring and viewing system, a blogging system, a slides presentation application, and more, then this book will walk you through step by step through building data-driven web applications with ease and speed.

  • Full of engaging and varied example projects to equip you to build your own web applications
  • Learn the Dart language and key libraries
  • Productively create fast and reliable web applications
Page Count 250
Course Length 7 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781785282478
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2015


Davy Mitchell

Davy Mitchell is a software developer with over 17 years of commercial experience in many varied industries. He started out in the world of C++ and progressed through the dot-com boom to the era and into .Net, SQL Server, and other web technologies.

In the past few years, he has worked on software installation, continuous integration, build automation, and tooling, while also developing frontend interfaces. Davy is passionate about both developer productivity and moving web applications forward. He enjoys exploring new technologies, platforms, and open source, using Linux and Windows operating systems.

He writes news, features, and book reviews on Dart at, and demo projects that are shared on GitHub, covering HTML5 and even Minecraft. He regularly takes part in the week-long Python game jam, PyWeek, and maintains Chocolatey packages for Dart on the Windows platform. When taking a break from coding, he enjoys cycling, loom knitting, gardening, and retrogaming.