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  • Map data to visual elements using D3's scales
  • Draw SVG elements using D3's shape generators
  • Transform data using D3's collection methods
  • Use D3's various layout patterns to quickly generate various common types of chart
  • Write modern JavaScript using ES2017 and Babel
  • Explore the basics of unit testing D3 visualizations using Mocha and Chai
  • Write and deploy a simple Node.js web service to render charts via HTML Canvas
  • Understand what makes a good data visualization and how to use the tools at your disposal to create accurate charts

Want to get started with impressive interactive visualizations and implement them in your daily tasks? This book offers the perfect solution-D3.js. It has emerged as the most popular tool for data visualization.

This book will teach you how to implement the features of the latest version of D3 while writing JavaScript using the newest tools and technique

You will start by setting up the D3 environment and making your first basic bar chart. You will then build stunning SVG and Canvas-based data visualizations while writing testable, extensible code,as accurate and informative as it is visually stimulating. Step-by-step examples walk you through creating, integrating, and debugging different types of visualization and will have you building basic visualizations (such as bar, line, and scatter graphs) in no time.

By the end of this book, you will have mastered the techniques necessary to successfully visualize data and will be ready to use D3 to transform any data into an engaging and sophisticated visualization.

  • Build interactive and rich graphics and visualization using JavaScript`s powerful library D3.js
  • Learn D3 from the ground up, using the all-new version 4 of the library
  • Gain insight into producing high-quality, extensible charts and visualizations using best practices such as writing testable, extensible code and strong typing
Page Count 308
Course Length 9 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781787120358
Date Of Publication 27 Apr 2017


Ændrew Rininsland

Ændrew Rininsland is a developer and journalist who has spent much of the last half a decade building interactive content for newspapers such as The Financial Times, The Times, Sunday Times, The Economist, and The Guardian. During his 3 years at The Times and Sunday Times, he worked on all kinds of editorial projects, ranging from obituaries of figures such as Nelson Mandela to high-profile, data-driven investigations such as The Doping Scandal the largest leak of sporting blood test data in history. He is currently a senior developer with the interactive graphics team at the Financial Times.

Swizec Teller

Swizec Teller, author of Data Visualization with d3.js, is a geek with a hat. He founded his first start-up at the age of 21 years and is now looking for the next big idea as a full-stack Web generalist focusing on freelancing for early-stage start-up companies. When he isn't coding, he's usually blogging, writing books, or giving talks at various non-conference events in Slovenia and nearby countries. He is still looking for a chance to speak at a big international conference. In November 2012, he started writing Why Programmers Work At Night, and set out on a quest to improve the lives of developers everywhere.