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Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile

Shane Gliser

By the time you’ve completed the 10 projects in this book, you’ll be a dab hand at using jQuery Mobile to create apps for smartphones and tablets. Turn your basic web development knowledge into pure gold.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782160069
Paperback254 pages

About This Book

  • Write less, do more: learn to apply the jQuery motto to quickly craft creative sites that work on any smartphone and even not-so-smart phones
  • Learn to leverage HTML5 audio and video, geolocation, Twitter, Flickr, blogs, Reddit, Google maps, content management system, and much more
  • All examples are either in use in the real world or were used as examples to win business across several industries

Who This Book Is For

"Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile" assumes a base level knowledge of web development. If you’ve used jQuery Mobile before, you’re gold. Otherwise, you can pick it up along the way.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prototyping jQuery Mobile
The game has changed
The mobile usage pattern
HTML prototyping versus drawing
Getting our hands dirty with small business
Chapter 2: A Mom-and-Pop Mobile Website
A new jQuery Mobile boilerplate
The global JavaScript
The global CSS
Breaking the HTML into a server side template
What we need to create our site
Linking to phones, e-mails, and maps
The resulting first page
Getting the user to our mobile site
Chapter 3: Analytics, long forms, and frontend validation
Google Static Maps
Long and multi-page forms
Integrating jQuery Validate
E-commerce tracking with Google Analytics
Chapter 4: QR Codes, Geolocation, Google Maps API, and HTML5 Video
QR codes
Integrating the Google Maps API
Geek-out moment—GPS monitoring
Linking and embedding video
Chapter 5: Client-side Templating, JSON APIs, and HTML5 Web Storage
Client-side templating
Patching into JSON APIs (Twitter)
Programmatically changing pages
Generated pages and DOM weight management
Leveraging RSS feeds
HTML5 Web Storage
Leveraging the Google Feeds API
Chapter 6: HTML5 Audio
HTML5 Audio
Fixed position persistent toolbars (really!?)
Controlling HTML5 Audio with JavaScript
HTML5 Audio in iOS is different
The all-in-one solution (multipage made useful)
Saving to the home screen with HTML5 manifest
Chapter 7: Fully Responsive Photography
Creating a basic gallery using PhotoSwipe
Supporting the full range of device sizes – responsive web design
Text readability and responsive design
Cycling background images
Another responsive approach – RESS
The final code
Chapter 8: Integrating jQuery Mobile into Existing Sites
Detecting mobile – server-side, client-side, and the combination of the two
Mobilizing full-site pages – the hard way
Mobilizing full-site pages – the easy way
Chapter 9: Content Management Systems and jQM
The current CMS landscape
WordPress and jQuery Mobile
Updating your WordPress and Drupal templates
Adobe Experience Manager
Chapter 10: Putting It All Together – Flood.FM
A Taste of Balsamiq
Organizing your code
Introduction to the Web Audio API
Prompting the user to install your app
New device-level hardware access
To app or not to app, that is the question
PhoneGap versus Apache Cordova

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the art of prototyping jQuery Mobile as both design and sales tactics
  • Get tips on making jQuery Mobile implementations look more unique
  • Integrate with Google’s Analytics, Maps, and Feeds APIs
  • Leverage HTML5 video and audio including a jQuery Mobile player interface
  • Leverage client-side templating to render API results from Twitter, Reddit, Flickr, and more
  • Check and monitor the user’s position with Geolocation
  • Auto validate your mobile forms with jQuery Validate on both page-by-page and multi-page views
  • Use jQuery Mobile to create a full responsive web design for photographers using Photoswipe

In Detail

jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized web framework (also known as a JavaScript library or a mobile framework) currently being developed by the jQuery project team. The development focuses on creating a framework compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers made necessary by the growing but heterogeneous tablet and smartphone market. The jQuery Mobile framework is compatible with other mobile app frameworks and platforms such as PhoneGap, Worklight, and more.

Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile reflects the author’s years of experience and exposes every hidden secret which will ease your mobile app development. With just a smattering of design and user experience thrown in, going through this book will allow you to confidently say, “yes, I can do that.”

We’ll start out with effective mobile prototyping and then move directly to the core of what every one of your mobile sites will need. Then, we’ll move on to the fancy stuff.

After creating some basic business templates and a universal JavaScript, we will move into the more interesting side of mobile development but we always try to keep an eye on progressive enhancement. jQuery Mobile is all about reaching everyone. So is this book.

"Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile" will take your basic mobile knowledge and help you make versatile, unique sites quickly and easily.


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