Cracking the Coding Interview - Data Structures and Algorithms [Video]

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  • Understand the RAM model of computation and asymptotic analysis of algorithms
  • Get a comparison of algorithms to understand which one is better
  • Programming Paradigm - Brute force, divide and conquer, and dynamic programming
  • Work with basic data structures - Arrays, linked list, stack and queues
  • Work with advanced data structures - Trees and graphs
  • Search algorithms, sort algorithms, and path-finding algorithms
  • Know how to optimize algorithms in interviews

Are you preparing for coding interviews with just a few days at hand? This course will take you into the basics of data structures and algorithms, giving you an intuitive sense of how they work, how to compare them, and when to use one in a programming interview.

In some ways, human life is comparable to a computer—you don’t have infinite resources, so it’s important to utilize them effectively. This is why algorithms are so important, and why companies expect you to understand them.

In this course, we’ll also solve some of the frequently presented algorithm problems in interviews at companies such as Google, Amazon, Flipkart, and Facebook. Each section of the course provides exercises to test your understanding and your ability to convert Pseudo Codes into JS-based algorithms. After completing the course, you will have intuition behind these algorithms and will have kick-started your interview preparation.

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this links:

Style and Approach

The course will start with the basics, and with each progressing section, we will dive deep into data structures and how they are used in algorithms. Each section contains an interview problem and the solution is provided. The corresponding exercises ask you to write a Python program for the problem at hand. The last two sections are dedicated to complex problems, some takeaways for the interview process, and how to crack the coding interview!

  • Kick-start your interview preparation
  • Get hold of the basics and intuitive sense behind data structures and algorithms, and know when to use them
  • We go ground-up and solve some of the problems covered in interviews with companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and more
Course Length 3 hours
ISBN 9781838554071
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2019


Nitin Katyal

Nitin Katyal is a Software Developer who loves problem-solving. He has worked as one of the founding employees in a data analytics startup and build Robust, Scalable and Optimized data-driven platforms for the customers. Currently, he is working on emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and Game Engines.Find me on LinkedIn: