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Once you read this book, you will:

  • Learn how to find hosts that offer cPanel with their web hosting packages
  • Discover how to access your cPanel account in several different ways, even behind a firewall
  • Familiarize yourself with the standard cPanel layout so you can find what you are looking for quickly
  • Discover what the information you see on the main cPanel interface means and how to use it to keep track of what is happening with your hosting account
  • Create, manage and remove FTP accounts so you (or your web master) can upload, access and remove files from your website
  • Set up, manage and learn how to access e-mail accounts, including e-mail aliases (forwarding), web mail access, e-mail quotas, mail filtering, spam blocking and mailing lists
  • Create, manage and delete databases from within cPanel
  • Learn how to protect and control access to information on your web site using the tools that cPanel provides
  • Monitor site traffic using web stats
  • Discover how to create an effective backup strategy using cPanel’s web site backup and restore features
  • Explore some advanced tools that cPanel offers to help manage your web site
  • Learn basic techniques to keep your web site safe from hackers and learn what to do if the worst happens
  • Examine some common third-party add-ons and themes that your host may choose to offer
  • Discover a wealth of external tools that make the aspiring web master’s job easier



"A great book for getting the most out of your cPanel-supporting web host"

If you have web hosting requirements beyond the most basic, you should look for a host that offers cPanel. cPanel gives you tight control over every aspect of your web site, email accounts, and domain names.

But once you've got a web site with cPanel support, how do you go about using it? While the documentation  included with cPanel may provide a quick reference, to really get the most from it you need a more detailed, systematic tutorial.

Read this book to find out exactly how to get the most from cPanel in all aspects of your web site management: web, email, FTP, security, domains, back ups, and more.

  • Everything you need to manage files, email, and databases using cPanel
  • Organise your web site… create subdomains, custom error messages, and password protected areas
  • Analyse site logs, ensure your site and data remain secure, and learn how to create and restore data back ups
  • Use advanced features, find powerful cPanel add ons, and install web scripts from within cPanel: osCommerce, Mambo, phpBB, and more.
Page Count 206
Course Length 6 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781904811923
Date Of Publication 24 Mar 2006


Aric Pedersen

Aric Pedersen has been using cPanel on a daily basis for over 6 years both as an end user for his own websites and as a systems administrator. He currently works as a systems administrator for several hosting companies and also for, the creators of Fantastico Deluxe (a popular script auto-installer for cPanel). Aric has been providing companies and end users with web hosting and related documentation for several years.