Corona SDK Hotshot

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  • Loading maps and regions from simple, editable file formats.
  • Using included interface elements to create usable app front ends fast
  • Connecting to external services to get data and request actions
  • Filtering collisions to improve performance and simplify game logic
  • Responding to multiple touches as well as tilt and shake input
  • Connecting to game networks to share high scores and achievements
  • Controlling characters and enemies in games easily by writing AI scripts
  • Controlling physics interactions to create fully controllable game behaviour

If you've used the Corona Software Development Kit to build your very first new mobile app, you already know how easy it makes developing across all the pieces of this fragmented market. This book upgrades your knowledge of Lua and the Corona API with designs, habits and advanced concepts to speed your development and create more exciting apps.

Corona SDK Hotshot will show you how to combine advanced Lua features such as coroutines and metatables with Corona's sophisticated tools, including physics and networking, to develop exactly the game or app you or your customers need, quickly and with an eye towards updating your app with improvements in the future.

Corona SDK Hotshot will expand your basic knowledge of Corona with an insight into making the most of its event platform, using physics wisely and easily, and moving on to advanced programming tasks like path-finding.

You will focus heavily on how to keep your programs understandable as they become more complicated, by using modules and events to divide it up. You'll practice ways to make AI scripts and map files easily understandable to designers and other collaborators, and use networks like GameCenter to publish progress.

The last projects will combine the full range of covered material to illustrate how you can produce sophisticated and exciting apps as a Corona Hotshot!

  • Ten fully developed code projects that build on previous projects and present new techniques.
  • Freely reusable art and sound files included with every project help you jumpstart your own development.
  • Numerous advanced techniques to make the most out of Corona's features and the Lua programming language.
Page Count 334
Course Length 10 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781849694308
Date Of Publication 20 May 2013


Nevin Flanagan

Nevin Flanagan has had an extremely varied career covering several fields, but the threads of computers, teaching, and games have trailed through it all for years. He has programmed on different levels ranging from assembly language to high-level scripting in game engines, and is credited as a contributor to the World of Warcraft user interface. He is currently fascinated by the interface possibilities offered by mobile touchscreen devices and is completing a Master's degree in Interactive Media and Game Development at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts._x000D_ _x000D_ He lives with his wife Jenna in Leominster, Massachusetts, in the U.S.A.