Corona SDK Application Design

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  • Learn the basics of Lua to start developing apps
  • Create a business application for a local business
  • Develop a fun puzzle game suitable for kids and adults
  • Use Corona’s exclusive Storyboard feature
  • Make your game available to the public

Corona SDK is a software development kit, which allows programmers to build mobile applications on iOS and Android devices. It is used by developers to build, both business and gaming apps at record speeds.

"Corona SDK Application Design" will show you the power behind Corona SDK and how to make best use of its features to create your own apps. Learn to create apps using your unique ideas quickly and easily.'

You will start with a quick introduction to Corona SDK and the Lua programming language. Follow examples for creating a business as well as a gaming app to help you learn how to utilize Corona’s built-in features effectively to develop professional-looking apps with excellent functionality. Soon you will be confident enough to create your own apps and publish them on popular app stores. Towards the end of the book the author shares some of his own tried and tested marketing techniques to help you get your app seen and downloaded by as many people as possible.

  • Build apps that can be used on multiple platforms
  • Test your apps and publish them on GooglePlay and Apple’s App store
  • Develop your own apps with the help of interactive examples
Page Count 98
Course Length 2 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781849697361
Date Of Publication 12 Jun 2013


Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is a web developer, mobile game developer, online specialist, and founder of That's So Panda ( Since starting his own mobile adventure with Corona SDK a couple of years ago, Daniel has released several app titles and has written several tutorials on for individuals just starting with Corona SDK. When he's not busy reading about the latest technology news or working on his latest app title, he can be found watching the latest movies, discovering new local restaurants, or playing video games.