concrete5 for Developers

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  • Offer your concrete5 themes for sale in the official marketplace
  • Develop advanced blocks for complex and feature-rich interactive websites
  • Perform database actions, especially for power users building advanced websites
  • Override the default functionality of concrete5
  • Store data in concrete5 by means of attributes and attribute types
  • Work with the permission system of concrete5
  • Build blocks for concrete5 in order to use them on your websites
  • Create themes and templates ready for concrete5 from HTML templates

Among the various PHP-based content management systems, concrete5 has been rising in popularity. The CMS in itself is neither very bloated nor very limiting, thereby making concrete5 an ideal pick for building websites and a hit among developers.

concrete5 for Developers discusses concrete5 development and web development with this PHP-based CMS. It starts with theme development for concrete5, and also explains ways to convert your existing HTML designs into templates ready for use with concrete5. Special emphasis is laid on the MVC framework in concrete5.

This book follows an easy-to-grasp model with a step-by-step approach. Each topic is explained at length and is followed and supplemented by examples in code, followed in turn by an explanation of the sample code.

  • Utilize concrete5 as a CMS to its optimum potential
  • Master advanced topics such as theme and block development, as well as concrete5 attributes
  • The book gives special emphasis to concrete5's features from a developer’s perspective, including packages and add-ons
Page Count 116
Course Length 3 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781783283552
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2014


Sufyan bin Uzayr

Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, teacher, and developer with 10+ years' experience in the industry. He is an open source enthusiast and specializes in a wide variety of technologies. He holds four masters' degrees and has authored multiple books.

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Sufyan is the CEO of Parakozm, a software development company catering to a global clientele. He is also the CTO at Samurai Servers, a web server management company focusing mainly on enterprise-scale audiences.

In his spare time, Sufyan teaches coding and English to young students.

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