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  • Build simple yet powerful PHP and CodeIgniter applications
  • Create e-commerce features to add to your application
  • Manipulate images – crop, rotate, and add watermarks
  • Secure your user environment
  • Provide a forgot password functionality to users
  • Optimize your SEO and search capabilities
  • Manage money flow in your application
  • Work with the EU Cookie Law (confirming Cookies from the user)
  • Use database migrations to roll back changes and advance to newer database versions

As a developer, there are going to be times when you’ll need a quick and easy solution to a coding problem. CodeIgniter is a powerful open source PHP framework which allows you to build simple yet powerful full-feature web applications.

CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook will give you quick access to practical recipes and useful code snippets which you can add directly into your CodeIgniter application to get the job done. It contains over 80 ready-to-use recipes that you can quickly refer to within your CodeIgniter application or project.

This book is your complete guide to creating fully functioning PHP web applications, full of easy-to-follow recipes that will aid you in any aspect of developing with CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook takes you from the basics of CodeIgniter, through e-commerce features for your applications, and ends by helping you ensure that your environment is secure for your users and SEO friendly to draw in customers.

Starting with installation and setup, CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook provides quick solutions to programming problems that you can directly include in your own projects. You will be moving through databases, EU Cookie Law, caching, and everything else in-between with useful, ready-to-go recipes. You will look at image manipulation using the Image Manipulation library, user management (building a simple CRUD interface), switching languages on the fly according to the user preference, caching content to reduce server load, and much more.

  • Customizable code that can be used in your own applications right away
  • Recipes that will help you solve your Codeigniter issues efficiently and effectively
  • Each recipe comes with a full code example, and where necessary, the Model and View files are included too
Page Count 306
Course Length 9 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781782162308
Date Of Publication 13 Dec 2013


Rob Foster

Rob Foster has been working in the field of web development for almost 10 years, working for various IT sectors. He has interests in CodeIgniter, Laravel, and iOS programming.

While not hunched over a computer ruining his eyesight, he enjoys drinking good quality wine, appreciates varieties of fine cheese, and has a liking for a pair of comfortable, elastic slacks!

Rob has also written CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook, Packt Publishing, and was a technical editor for SUSE Linux 10 Bible, Wiley.