Cloning Internet Applications with Ruby

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  • Discover in depth the major features of TinyURL, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook and what makes them work
  • Discover how each of these popular Internet services can be modeled with DataMapper
  • Create clones of these Internet services using Rack and Sinatra
  • Use third-party authentication providers with OpenID
  • Deploy the cloned Internet services to the cloud using Heroku
  • Use Amazon S3 to store data for your clones

Most users on the Internet have a few favorite Internet web applications that they use often and cannot do without. These popular applications often provide essential services that we need even while we don’t fully understand its features or how they work. Ruby empowers you to develop your own clones of such applications without much ordeal. Learning how these sites work and describing how they can be implemented enables you to move to the next step of customizing them and enabling your own version of these services.

This book shows the reader how to clone some of the Internet's most popular applications in Ruby by first identifying their main features, and then showing example Ruby code to replicate this functionality.

While we understand that it  connects us to our friends and people we want to meet up with, what is the common feature of a social network that makes it a social network? And how do these features work? This book is the answer to all these questions. It will provide a step-by-step explanation on how the application is designed and coded, and then how it is deployed to the Heroku cloud platform. This book’s main purpose is to break up popular Internet services such as TinyURL, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook to understand what makes it tick. Then using Ruby, the book describes how a minimal set of features for these sites can be modeled, built, and deployed on the Internet.

  • Build your own custom social networking, URL shortening, and photo sharing websites using Ruby
  • Deploy and launch your custom high-end web applications
  • Learn what makes popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook tick
  • Understand features of some of the most famous photo sharing and social networking websites
  • A fast-paced tutorial to get you up and running with cloning some of the most impressive applications available on the Web.
Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781849511063
Date Of Publication 17 Aug 2010


Chang Sau Sheong

Chang Sau Sheong has more than 12 years experience in software application development and has spent much of his career in web and Internet-based applications. He has a wide range of experience in banking payment-related as well as Internet-based e-commerce software. Currently he is the Director of Software Development of a 50+ strong software development team in Welcome Real-time, a multi-national payment/loyalty software company based in France and Singapore.

Sau Sheong hails from tropical Malaysia but has spent most of his adult and working life in sunny Singapore, where he shares his spare time between enthusiastically writing software and equally enthusiastically playing Nintendo Wii with his wife and son.