Building Websites with VB.NET and DotNetNuke 4

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This book will give you the skills to create and manage DotNetNuke websites as quickly as possible. You will:

  • Install and configure DotNetNuke
  • Master the standard modules
  • Understand the core architecture of DotNetNuke
  • Explore the inner workings of DotNetNuke modules
  • Extend DotNetNuke using the DAL and DAL+ to create powerful custom modules
  • Create your own skin using a HTML Editor
  • Find out about where and how to host and deploy your site



DotNetNuke is an open-source Content Management System and web application framework. DotNetNuke has taken the Microsoft world by storm and now at version 4, its community has grown to over 200,000 users.

This book covers virtually everything you need to know to get your DotNetNuke website up and running. Concisely written and with clear explanations, this book is covers installation, administration, deployment, site creation and all of the basic built in DotNetNuke modules. For developers, chapters on the core architecture, skinning and custom modules, including coverage of the DAL+, give you the skills to customize and extend your site.

The book starts off by giving you a deep understanding of working with basic DotNetNuke sites, guiding you through the features and giving you the confidence to create and manage your site.

After that, you will journey to the heart of DotNetNuke, and learn about its core architecture. Always concise, relevant and practical, you will find out what makes DotNetNuke tick, and from there, you will be ready to customize DotNetNuke. Developers will enjoy the detailed walkthrough of creating a new custom modules. Special emphasis is given to the DAL+, an extended feature set of the DotNetNuke Data Access Layer (DAL). You will see how to create custom modules with the DAL+, and invigorate your module development.

Web designers will enjoy the material on skinning, helping them to create a new look for their site. You will learn about creating new skins, and packaging them up for easy deployment.

You will master all of this as you leap into the development of a DotNetNuke 4 site.

  • Specially revised and updated version of this acclaimed DotNetNuke book
  • Create and manage your own website with DotNetNuke
  • Customize and enhance your site with skins and custom modules
  • Extensive coverage of the DAL and DAL+ for custom module development
  • Complete coverage of setup, administration, and development
Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781904811992
Date Of Publication 8 Oct 2006


Daniel N. Egan

Over the past seven years, Daniel has held a variety of positions in the information technology and engineering fields. Currently, he is a System Development Specialist for Automated Data Processing's Southern California region working extensively in database applications and Web development. Daniel is an MCP and MCSD.

In addition to his development work, he teaches a VB.NET Certification course at California State University Fullerton as well as serves on its .NET Advisory board. He is also the founder and chief author of Dot Net Doc, a .NET and DNN developer resource website built using the DotNetNuke framework. He has written numerous articles on DotNetNuke and the underlying DNN architecture. He is also the founder of the LA/Orange County DNN Usergroup and is currenly working on two DNN Related projects. DNNUsergroup Online, a portal designed to allow usergroups to broadcast their meetings online, and DotNetNuke Radio, a live internet radio show about DotNetNuke.

Michael Washington

Michael Washington is a Website developer and an ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Basic programmer. He is a DotNetNuke Core member and has been involved with DotNetNuke for over 3 years. He is the author of numerous DotNetNuke modules and tutorials. He is one of the founding members of the Southern California DotNetNuke Users group. He has a son, Zachary and resides in Los Angeles with his wife Valerie.

Steve Valenzuela

Steve is the manager of the University Extended Education (UEE) IT Department at California State University, Fullerton, where he has worked for the last 5 years. Steve has worked specifically with DotNetNuke for over 2 years, in that time re-designing and delivering various Extended Education websites on the DotNetNuke portal framework as well as designing and delivering custom modules that support the function of University Extended Education.