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Building Websites with PHP-Nuke

Douglas Paterson

A practical guide to creating and maintaining your own community website with PHP-Nuke
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811053
Paperback320 pages

About This Book

  • Step through creating your own web portal with PHP-Nuke
  • Simple and practical guidance to mastering PHP-Nuke
  • For people with basic knowledge of web development

Who This Book Is For

This book is written to help you create a fully-featured website as quickly as possible. Basic knowledge of HTML will help if you intend to explore customizing your own theme, and a basic knowledge of PHP will help if you want to get the most from the chapters on extending PHP-Nuke.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to PHP-Nuke
What PHP-Nuke Can Do for You
What Exactly is PHP-Nuke?
PHP-Nuke as an Open-Source Content Management System
Getting Help in the PHP-Nuke Community
The Dinosaur Portal
Chapter 2: Installing PHP-Nuke
Downloading PHP-Nuke
Downloading the Patches
Preparing the PHP-Nuke Database
Configuring PHP-Nuke
Putting PHP-Nuke Files into the Web Server Root
Testing the Installation
Chapter 3: Your First Page
Your New Homepage
Creating the Super User
Becoming the Administrator
Restricting User Access
Chapter 4: Managing the Site
Your Site, Your Database
Visiting the Administration Area
Site Preferences
The Cookie Crumbles
Backing Up the Site Database
Managing Blocks
Managing Modules
Chapter 5: Managing Users
Ingredients of a User
Setting Up a New User
The Your Account Module
Rewarding the User
Managing Other Administrators
Chapter 6: Story Management with PHP‑Nuke
The Story Story
Organizing Stories
Topic Management
Adding Stories
The Visitor View of a Story
Story Management
Finding Stories
Special Administrator
Points and Prizes
Sharing your News
Polls and the Surveys Module
Chapter 7: Content Management Modules
Web Links and Downloads
Module Feature Comparison
Chapter 8: Managing the Discussion Forums
Forum Structure
The Forums Administration Area
The Visitor Experience
Forum Permissions
Moderating the Forum
Chapter 9: Customizing Layout with Themes
What Does a Theme Control?
Theme Management
From an Existing Theme to a New Theme
Adding a Favicon
Page Output from Start to Finish
Chapter 10: Programming PHP-Nuke
What Happens When a Page is Requested?
Creating a Block
Data Access in PHP-Nuke
Module File and Folder Structure
Creating a User Submissions Module

What You Will Learn

  • Installing and configuring PHP-Nuke
  • Managing blocks and modules
  • Working with news stories
  • Managing users
  • Working with other modules for handling content in PHP-Nuke
  • Creating and managing discussion forums
  • Understand how themes control the page layout
  • Creating a new look for your site by customizing themes
  • Extending your site with block and module development

In Detail

PHP-Nuke is a free tool for managing the content of a dynamic website. As one of the most popular applications on the Internet, PHP-Nuke has grown into a complex, powerful tool with an extraordinary range of features, and a loyal community of supporters. Through a web-based interface, users can edit and manage their site without the need for knowledge of web programming. PHP-Nuke is ideal for running a community-driven website, where visitors create accounts, comment and interact with the site, and contribute material in an easily managed fashion. PHP-Nuke has many of the features you would want from a website such as news stories, ratings, comments, discussion forums, and its look can be easily controlled with the use of themes.

If you want to create a powerful, fully-featured website in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore PHP-Nuke, putting you in the picture of what it offers, and how to go about realizing this.

Throughout the book we develop an example site, as you are taken on a detailed tour of the features of PHP-Nuke. You will be introduced to the main components of PHP-Nuke, and learn how to manage them. You will develop the skills and confidence to manage all types of content on the site, and also understand how users work and interact with the site.

To make sure that you create a site that looks the way you want it to, the book covers customizing themes to help define your look for your pages.

Although PHP-Nuke allows you to accomplish much without doing any web programming, to extend your site you will need to get your hands dirty with some coding. The book leads you through adding custom code to PHP-Nuke, and shows you how PHP-Nuke puts pages together, and the functions it uses for the fundamental operations of the site.


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