Building Websites with OpenCms

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With this book you will master OpenCms, and learn the skills to implement, customize, and maintain an OpenCms website. This book covers:

  • Installing OpenCms, and its basic concepts
  • Using the OpenCms Workplace
  • Exploring the core architecture and the virtual file system
  • Working with JSP templates
  • Creating OpenCms modules
  • Adding custom resource types
  • Exporting to static HTML
  • Deploying and managing an OpenCms website

At the end of this book, you will:

  • Understand how OpenCms handles and publishes content to the Web
  • Be confident working in the OpenCms environment
  • Have the skills to extend the OpenCms system
  • Be able to create your own, complex, OpenCms website

This book takes you through the process of creating content-rich websites and applications using OpenCms. Although powerful and flexible, OpenCms can be daunting on first approach, but its advanced features reward the investment in learning. This book exists to ease Java developers into getting the most from OpenCms.

OpenCms is a professional-level, open source Website Content Management System, with which you can create and manage complex websites. Based on Java and XML technology, it fits into almost any modern IT environment. With hard-won experience of the practical difficulties faced by developers working with OpenCms, this book is the embodiment of the author's expertise, and the perfect way to master the system.

  • Understand how OpenCms handles and publishes content to the Web
  • Learn how to create your own, complex, OpenCms website
  • Develop the skills to implement, customize, and maintain an OpenCms website

Chapter 06 - Preview Chapter

Page Count 274
Course Length 8 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781904811046
Date Of Publication 7 Jul 2004
Installing the OpenCms WAR File
Configuring the Client
Installation Troubleshooting
A Tour of the OpenCms Workplace
The Explorer View
Creating and Editing Content
Publishing Your Changes
Resource Types
Content Definitions
The Virtual File System
Class Structure
Using Modules
Creating a Module
Custom Classes and Libraries
Adding Content
Adding a Scheduled Task
Managing the Module
Exporting and Deploying the Module
Adding an Administration Point
Creating an Administration JSP
XML Templates
Creating a Custom Launcher
Master Modules
Serving Static versus Dynamic Content
Static Export
Web User Authentication and Management
Backup and Recovery
Performance Tuning
Other Resources


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