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  • Learn to bootstrap basic web application with jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Setup a basic development environment using webpack
  • Get basic knowledge about DOM API
  • Understand when and why to use jQuery library
  • Learn to create, extract and manipulate page content with jQuery
  • Discover the events, how to use it to respond to the user actions using jQuery 
  • Learn amazing animation and effects with a jQuery build-in library
  • Learn to access remote data via AJAX

Once you've learned the JavaScript language,the aim of this course is to tackle and face the challenge of building rich full featured web apps remains. This course shows you how to harness your JavaScript knowledge, combine it with Bootstrap and jQuery, to build powerful modern UIs for your web apps. The web developers will able to graduate from a basic understanding of JavaScript web programming to being able to use the wide array of possibilities the jQuery library offers for web development. You will also get to know about Bootstrap framework and ES6 standard. It will also cover basic knowledge about DOM API.

Get to know about DOM Traversal and also about manipulation and how events respond to the user actions using jQuery. You will get to examine and implement animation using jQuery library to the web page.

The core capabilities of the library will be explored, including demonstrations of various points of DOM manipulation and traversal; using jQuery to manipulate events and change how the user interacts with the page; working with animations; AJAX calls, and more.

By the end of the video course, viewers will be able to build outstanding visual and interactive website experiences with their knowledge of jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Style and Approach

You will start by creating a new foundation project boilerplate. Then you will setup a basic development environment in your project. To stay up to date with the modern javascript module bundler we will use webpack. Then you will add Bootstrap library to make your application responsive and mobile-first. After the bootstrapping process you will learn how to use filters and selectors which is a powerful set of tools for matching a set of elements in a document.

Then you will discover events methods, how to use it to register behaviors to take effect when the user interacts with the browser. Next you will learn several techniques for adding animation to a web page and methods that allows you to fetch remote data via AJAX.

  • Start exploring jQuery and understand how to create highly interactive, beautiful websites.
  • Improve your web development skills whether for personal, or professional projects with jQuery.
  • Get to use practical web development skills using jQuery and Bootstrap.
Course Length 2 hours 11 minutes
ISBN 9781786465979
Date Of Publication 27 Jul 2017


Bartlomiej Potaczek

Bartlomiej Potaczek is a software engineer who works for Schibsted Tech Polska and programs mostly in JavaScript. He is a big fan of everything related to the React world, functional programming, and data visualization.

He founded and created a portal that allows users to learn programming in a pair-programming fashion called InitLearn. InitLearn help users find an appropriate teacher that will devote all of their time especially to their student. Lessons are conducted in a pair-programming fashion, using tools that allow them to teach and learn programming in a collaborative way (such as Screenhero). He was involved in building the frontend of InitLearn, which is built on React-Redux technologies.

Besides programming, he practices football and CrossFit. Currently, he is working on rewriting the frontend for, the most complete Swedish TV guide for over 200 channels. He has also recently worked on technologies such as React, React Router, and Redux.