Building Web Applications with Flask

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  • Create single page applications with Flask
  • Use macros, filters, tags, and control structures to render rich responses to user requests
  • Receive forms securely through form-based classes and WTForms
  • Utilize NoSQL or SQL databases to store user data seamlessly
  • Generate simple, yet powerful, REST services from your data models
  • Learn how to perform test-driven and behavior-driven developments in your Flask projects
  • Use Flask components to create maintainable non-flat projects
  • Harvest the power of extensions to build robust authorization and permission policies

Flask is a powerful web framework that helps you build great projects using your favorite tools. Flask takes the flexible Python programming language and provides a simple template for web development. Once imported into Python, Flask can be used to save time building web applications. It goes against the flow with the microframework concept, leaving most of the architecture choices to the developer. Through its great API, extensions, and powerful patterns, Flask helps you create simple projects in minutes and complex ones as soon as possible.

From the beginning, Building Web Applications with Flask shows you how to utilize Flask's concepts, extensions, and components to create engaging, full-featured web projects. You'll learn how to properly handle forms using WTForms, devise convenient templates with Jinja2 tags and macros, use NoSQL and SQL databases to store user data, test your projects with features and unit tests, create powerful authentication and user authorization, as well as administrative interfaces with ease, and more.

As Flask does not enforce an architectural recipe, neither do we! This book makes no coding assumptions on how you should code, leaving you free to experiment.

  • Learn how to use forms, authentication, and authorization control through extensions, and provide a robust, safe web experience for the client
  • Free yourself from the SQL vs NoSQL paradigm and use the technology that best fits your needs
  • Add powerful concepts like TDD and BDD to your range of testing skills
Page Count 160
Course Length 4 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781784396152
Date Of Publication 25 Jun 2015


Italo Maia

Italo Maia is a full-stack developer with 10 years of experience in creating software for the mobile, Web, and desktop environments, having dedicated most of the last few years to development with Python and web technologies.

Author of Flask-Empty, a popular skeleton for Flask projects that aggregates good practices and recipes for quick prototyping, he is active in the Brazilian Python communities, having open source tools and libraries available in GitHub and Bitbucket.