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Building Web Applications with Clojure [Video]

Tomek Lipski

Explore the secrets and tricks of building Clojure web applications
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Video Details

ISBN 139781783286157
Course Length1 hour 43 minutes

About This Video

  • Work with popular Clojure libraries and frameworks such as Ring and Clojurescript
  • Play with the most popular design patterns to build highly concurrent web applications
  • Enhance your general Clojure knowledge through easy-to-grasp examples

Who This Video Is For

If you are a Java programmer and you want to gain expertise in web application development and would like to begin the journey with Clojure, then this course is perfect for you. For all those of you who already know Clojure, this video will help you sharpen your skills.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Project Setup
Lein-Ring Plugin
Simple Ring Handler
Running the Ring Server
Building Web Application Packages
Ring Handlers
Ring Handler Anatomy
Request Map
Response Map
The Not Found Error and Error Handling
Middleware Example
Altering Requests and Responses
Using Existing Middleware
Forms and Session Handling
Form Handling
Generating HTML Content
Manipulating Cookies
Ring Sessions
Building RESTful APIs
APIs – Introduction and Routing
An Example RESTful API
Handling Errors in REST APIs
Database Connectivity
Connecting to PostgreSQL
Using Korma
Connecting to MongoDB
Introduction to ClojureScript
Manipulating the DOM Tree with ClojureScript
Accessing REST APIs from ClojureScript
Useful Web Libraries in Clojure
Routing with Compojure
HTML Generation with Hiccup
HTML Templating with Enlive
REST APIs with Liberator

What You Will Learn

  • Configure a project and see how to start the web development server
  • Understand how Ring handlers work and implement simple routing mechanisms
  • Grasp the intricacies of the middleware to implement it in your own way
  • Discover how to handle forms, cookies, and sessions in one go
  • Get acquainted with the REST API architecture in Clojure and build a sample application
  • Manipulate queries easily with SQL Korma
  • Set up routing with Compojure and HTML generation with Hiccup
  • Find out how to build REST APIs with Liberator and learn templating with Enlive

In Detail

Web application development has never been as simple and powerful as it will be with Clojure. It runs on both Java Virtual Machine and JavaScript, providing a robust and dynamic programming environment. Clojure brings the code-as-data functionality of Lisp with it and caters to the need of fast-paced coding while making front end-coding easy and viable.

This video course starts with a simple project setup and moves on to the various means to use frameworks or libraries, such as Ring and ClojureScript, leading the way to complex web solutions in Clojure. You will be presented with ways to connect to popular databases, such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB, and learn how some existing libraries work and how to use them properly. Thereon you will move to writing single-page applications with ClojureScript and REST API.

When you're finished with Building Web applications with Clojure, you'll be able to build and diagnose complex web systems in Clojure—regardless of the particular technologies applied.



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