Building UI Automation Test Frameworks with Selenium WebDriver [Video]

More Information
  • Implement automation testing best practices so that you can do automation testing with any tool
  • Gain a deep technical understanding of Selenium WebDriver
  • Implement robust test scripts
  • Scale test executions without corrupting test results
  • Configure test frameworks and test suites without mutating code
  • Setup a Selenium grid using Docker and run tests on Selenium Grid
  • Structure the framework to drastically ease maintainability
  • Implement continuous integration testing using Jenkins
  • Improve your coding skills by writing maximally optimized code to automate test-cases

Do you have a bunch of test scripts that break down whenever you look at them? Is adding new test scripts a chore? Is introducing changes to your test code painful, dangerous, and potentially showstopping? If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these, you're in sore need of building a test framework. In this video course, you will be trained to develop frameworks efficiently. You will learn how to structure your framework so that it remains maintainable and avoid collecting the unnecessary technical debt. You will learn to pay attention to the important aspects of framework development, and master quite a few important software design principles that will remain applicable throughout most roles in the IT industry. By the end of the course, you'll have developed an efficient test framework that will make test implementation and maintenance a breeze and will have learned to use supplementary tools and libraries to enhance the usefulness of Selenium WebDriver.

Style and Approach

This course provides step-by-step instructions. Its videos are broken down into several stages. Concepts are taught using practical examples. Finally, the code listing provided in the example is broken down into smaller topics and thoroughly explained.

  • Write clear, readable, and reliable tests that perform complex test automation tasks
  • Practical advice on test automation approaches
  • Create a test framework from scratch that will maintain its transparency and maintainability and control the overall complexity of the testing solution
Course Length 1 hour 53 minutes
ISBN 9781789613841
Date Of Publication 30 Dec 2018


Stanislav Fedii

Stanislav Fedii is a Test Automation Engineer/SDET/Team Lead, experienced in UI and API test automation, SDLC and CI process setup, and team management. Overall, he has 10+ years' experience. He has led training courses for manual test engineers to increase their Java and Selenium WebDriver skills. Currently, he is working as a senior test automation engineer at Dailymotion.