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Building Online Stores with osCommerce: Professional Edition

David Mercer

Learn how to design, build, and profit from a sophisticated online business.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811145
Paperback388 pages

About This Book

  • Install, configure, and customize osCommerce
  • Enhance and modify osCommerce
  • Learn from a sample, fully functional site packed with useful features such as gift certificates and discounts, cross- and up-selling, RSS feed aggregation, enhanced product image handling and bug fixes.
  • Also available in a special Beginner's Edition 

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for anyone who:


  • Already uses OSCommerce
  • Would like to use OSCommerce
  • Would like to make a website for their business
  • Is charged with administering, running and maintaining an OSCommerce site
  • Is interested in learning how an eCommerce application is created and maintained


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to E-Commerce with osCommerce
The What and Why of osCommerce
E-Commerce! What am I Doing?
Do I Go For It or Not?
Designing an E-Commerce Site
Building an E-Commerce Site
Chapter 2: Setting Up the Development Environment
Downloading Software
Testing Apache and PHP
Testing Everything Together
Downloading and Installing a PHP, Apache, and MySQL Package
Downloading and Installing osCommerce on Windows
Downloading and Installing osCommerce on Linux
Chapter 3: How osCommerce Works
osCommerce and Internet Technology
The osCommerce Architecture
The Online Store
The osCommerce Online Community
Chapter 4: Basic Configuration
The Administration Tool
Chapter 5: Working with Data
How Do I Categorize My Data?
Preparing to Add Product Data
Viewing Reports
Easy Populate
Chapter 6: Customization
Form Follows Function
Language Definitions
Working with Boxes and Columns
Dealing with Images
Customizations Using the Style Sheet
Miscellaneous Customizations
Chapter 7: Taxes, Payments, and Shipping
Getting Paid
Locations and Taxes
Getting Paid with PayPal
Credit Card Payments
Alternative Forms of Payments
Chapter 8: Securing Your Store
What's all This Security Business?
The Main Players
Securing the Administration Tool
Securing Payments
File-System Security
Database Security
Disaster Recovery
Stay Up to Date
Chapter 9: Advanced Features
Highlighting a Generic Process!
The RSS Technology Feed
Cross- and Up-Selling Features
Adding Discount and Gift Voucher Facilities
Chapter 10: Tools, Tips, and Tricks
Tips and Tricks
Chapter 11: Deployment and Maintenance
Getting Ready to Deploy
Transfer the Files
Setting Up the Site
Chapter 12: Building Your Business
Search Engine Optimization

What You Will Learn

In Detail

The book can be read from front to back, but each chapter is self contained so the reader can skip chapters to read those that they are interested in. Each chapter will move from basic to advanced where applicable and also relate what the administrator (reader) is doing to how this affects what the client sees on the site.

So, for example, the customization chapter will start off with a discussion on the concept of design and how to relate this to your business. Once the reader has a clear idea of what they need to do, we look at some really simple changes such as modifying the site's language, before moving to some advanced modifications which may involve some PHP programming. At the same time the discussion will demonstrate how the changes made affect the site.

Throughout the book, much consideration is given to the "right" way to doing things. Readers will have the great advantage that they begin, from the very start, doing things properly. This will save them a lot of time and effort in the years to come as they build on and modify their site. Utilizing best practices and sound methodologies is a great asset for beginners and experienced users alike.

At all times, the coverage given in this book pays homage to the fact that, ultimately, the reader has a business goal in mind. To this end, the material never gets bogged down in technical issues or long discourses, but rather focuses on what is practically important for the online business and then moves on. To complement this, there are plenty of suggestions and hints as to how and where to look for further information.


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