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Building Impressive Presentations with impress.js

Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake

Design stunning presentations with dynamic visuals and 3D transitions that will captivate your colleagues
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849696487
Paperback124 pages

About This Book

  • Create presentations inside the infinite canvas of modern web browsers
  • Build presentations that work anywhere, any time, and on any device
  • Build dynamic presentations with rotation, scaling, transforms, and 3D effects

Who This Book Is For

If you want to engage your audience on a level not previously possible on software such as PowerPoint or Prezi, then this book is for you. With basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you can start making presentations that truly Impress.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Impressive Presentations
What is impress.js?
Built-in features
Beyond presentations with impress.js
Why is it important?
Downloading and configuring impress.js
Creating your first presentation
Chapter 2: Exploring Impress Visualization Effects
Introduction to CSS transformations
Positioning effects
Rotating effects
Rotations in practice
Scaling effects
The importance of positioning in scaling
Scaling in practice
Data perspective
impress.js under the hood
Chapter 3: Diving into the Core of impress.js
impress.js configuration
Understanding the impress API functions
Automating presentations
Creating custom transition timing
impress.js step events
How to use the step class
Working with keyboard configurations
Assigning custom keys for custom events
Adding new keys for new events
Handling the step click event
Chapter 4: Presenting on Different Viewports
Fullscreen presentations
Using impress.js inside a container
Developing a content slider
impress.js presentations on mobile devices
Issues in designing for mobile devices
Best design practices for mobiles devices
Chapter 5: Creating Personal Websites
Planning the website structure
Creating pages
Designing the home page
Designing the portfolio page
Designing the timeline page
Defining the timeline navigation
Designing the services page
Handling the navigation menu
Creating the navigation hint
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting
Browser compatibility
Handling unsupported browsers
Limitations and new features
Troubleshooting and support

What You Will Learn

  • Create advanced presentations with Impress.js effects
  • Understand Impress effects such as rotations, scaling, transformations, and 3D effects
  • Extract the power of impress core API events and configurations to modify existing functionalities
  • Integrate impress presentations on different browsers, viewports, and devices
  • Extend the core library to create custom functionalities for different types of applications such as sliders, portfolios, and galleries
  • Handle issues in designing and running presentations
  • Use Impress tools to automate the slide creation process

In Detail

Everyone has had to present during their lifetime. We’ve all spent agonizing hours trying to make those PowerPoint presentations engaging. Well now there is a tool that will make those presentations look like child’s play.

Impress.js is a powerful library that eases the task of creating presentations with smooth animations without depending on a software tool. You are no longer limited to desktop tools as these presentations run on any supported browser anywhere on the Internet.

"Building Impressive Presentations with impress.js" is a quick guide to creating professional presentations using the best aspects of CSS3. It will also guide you through several practical examples which go beyond the conventional slide-based presentations, covering each aspect of the Impress library.

From simple presentations to your own personal website this handy practical guide will ensure you get the most out of Impress.JS as quickly as you can. Starting with a simple slide-based presentation we move quickly on adding in sliders, galleries and portfolios to utilize this amazing tool. 3D transitions, rotations, scaling, and transforms are also covered to give your presentations that something extra. The final step is bringing all this together to create a personal website that is viewable on all impress supported browsers.

"Building Impressive Presentations with impress.js" gives you the chance to stand out from the competition and engage with audiences in a way you never have before.


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