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Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce

Robbert Ravensbergen

The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is probably the world’s simplest way to build an online store, and this brilliant tutorial makes it easier still. Use your existing knowledge of PHP and WordPress to get selling, fast.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782166405
Paperback132 pages

About This Book

  • Explore this do-it-yourself e-commerce solution using WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Set up payment and shipping methods
  • Manage your online store and expand its functions using plugins

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for users with an existing WordPress website who want to add e- commerce functionality to their current solution. This book is also suitable for web design agencies working with WordPress. As a pre-requisite, it is assumed that you already have some experience of PHP and using WordPress.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting Up WooCommerce
Preparing for takeoff
Installing WooCommerce
Setting up WooCommerce
Chapter 2: Creating Your First Products
Setting up categories
Creating your first product
Setting up categories, tags, and product images
Chapter 3: Other Product Types
Working with tags
Using attributes
Setting up variable products
Other product types
Chapter 4: Payments, Shipping, and Coupons
Payment methods
Shipping methods and prices
Using discount coupons
Chapter 5: Working with WooCommerce Themes
Making or buying a theme
Finding and selecting WooCommerce themes
Installing a WooCommerce theme
Working with theme settings
Chapter 6: Customize or Create a WooCommerce Theme
What we need to get started
WordPress theme basics
Developing WooCommerce themes
Chapter 7: Running Your Online Store
Adjust notification e-mails
Work with sales orders
Chapter 8: More Possibilities Using Plugins
Where to find WooCommerce plugins
Popular and useful WooCommerce plugins

What You Will Learn

  • Set up and install WooCommerce and apply taxes
  • Change a WooCommerce theme or create one from scratch
  • Process your sales order
  • Expand your store with plugins
  • Create a downloadable product and work with product variations

In Detail

Building an online store is often considered to be a difficult and complex task. Using the combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, this is no longer the case. WooCommerce is built using WordPress best practices both on the frontend and the backend. This results in an efficient, robust, and intuitive plugin. Learn to use this strong e-commerce solution and set up your own web shop in just a couple of hours.

Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce is a practical guide that delivers the knowledge you require to set up and get going with WooCommerce. This book also shows you how to choose a WooCommerce theme and set up different payment methods, in addition to helping you to keep a bird’s-eye view of incoming sales and reviews, stock levels, general store performance, and statistics from the WordPress dashboard.

You will start by installing WooCommerce and exploring the WooCommerce settings. Then, you will move on to creating and adding simple and complex products, and also set up payment and shipping methods. Once your store is up and running, you will learn how to process your orders, look at the reports, and even expand the functionality further with additional plugins. Finally, the book shows you how to choose a WooCommerce theme and adjust the theme settings.


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