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Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7

Miko Coffey

Master the tools and techniques of using Squarespace to create professional websites
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783559961
Paperback392 pages

About This Book

  • Use all of the Squarespace functions to design, build, launch, and analyze your website
  • Employ this step-by-step, approach to discover the best process for building websites with Squarespace, including tips and advice specifically for businesses
  • Discover how to tailor Squarespace templates and functions to your business needs, whether it’s an information site, online portfolio, or e-commerce store

Who This Book Is For

This book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to use the latest version of Squarespace to create a website from scratch and take it through to go-live. You don't need any prior experience with Squarespace, HTML or CSS, or building websites in general as everything is done using Squarespace's simple, browser-based interface.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting Up for Success – Your Website Toolkit
Understanding the process of making a website
Understanding website concepts
Writing a website plan
Gathering materials, ideas, and inspiration
Creating a sitemap
Gathering raw materials
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Squarespace
Signing up for a Squarespace account
Finding your way around Squarespace
Logging in and out of Squarespace
Adjusting basic site settings
Chapter 3: Working with Squarespace Templates
Understanding Squarespace templates
Choosing the right Squarespace template for your site
Chapter 4: Creating Your Site Framework: Pages, Items, Collections, and Navigation
Understanding Squarespace pages
Adding pages to your site
Organizing your site's navigation
Chapter 5: Adding, Editing, and Arranging Content in Your Web Pages
Understanding Blocks
Adding and removing blocks
Adding basic content to your pages
Arranging blocks on the page
Adjusting images in Squarespace
Adding content to sidebars or footers
Adding links that point to web pages or files
Chapter 6: Using Blocks to Add Functionality, Rich Media, and Special Features
Adding images – beyond the standard Image Block
Embedding video into your pages
Adding a Google Map to your site
Capturing data and handling enquiries on your website
Using content blocks to improve internal navigation and highlight content
Inserting sales or donation blocks to make transactions fast and easy
Displaying a price list
Adding audio to your website
Adding a Twitter feed
Other types of blocks
Chapter 7: Selling Online or Taking Donations with Squarespace Commerce
Setting up your Squarespace Commerce store
Creating and managing products
Testing your store
Handling orders
Promoting products and offering discounts
Setting up and managing donations
Handling transactions without Squarespace Commerce
Chapter 8: Tailoring Your Site's Look and Feel
Understanding Squarespace template customization
Working with fonts and typography
Adding or creating a logo in Squarespace
Adjusting your website's color scheme
Using background or header images
Adjusting an element's size, position, visibility, or other options
Adjusting Cover Page styles
Chapter 9: Going Live with Your Website and Driving Traffic to It
Connecting to social media accounts
Enabling social sharing on your website
Adjusting the final details in your site settings
Testing your site before launch
Making your website live to the public
Driving traffic to your website
Chapter 10: Managing Your Squarespace Website
Monitoring visitors and activity on your website
Managing comments on your blog
Giving other people access to edit, monitor, or administer your website
Using floating bars on your website
Using Squarespace mobile apps
Chapter 11: Moving beyond Standard Squarespace Tools
Understanding advanced customization options
Finding Squarespace designers and developers

What You Will Learn

  • Create your website framework, fill it with content, and arrange your pages using Squarespace's drag and drop layout tools
  • Customize your site's look and feel to match your brand, and create stunning visual impact, even on mobile and tablet devices
  • Configure the core functions your business needs such as sharing to social media, showcasing your work, or selling goods and services online
  • Discover time-saving tricks and how to avoid common pitfalls from an experienced professional with years of Squarespace experience
  • Gain valuable insights about search engine optimization and other e-marketing advice beyond just how to build a website
  • Understand how to monitor, measure, and manage your website post-launch
  • Develop an essential Website Toolkit that will act as reference material for your entire project, ensuring you stay on target to meet your objectives

In Detail

This practical guide walks you through the various steps involved in building a website for your business with Squarespace. You will learn how to use all of the tools provided by Squarespace to control the layout, appearance, structure, and functions of your website, starting from the inception stage, all the way to monitoring your site after it has been launched.

This is much more than just a how-to book for the Squarespace system: it's filled with helpful advice that will help you improve your website's visibility in search engines and tailor your site for your customers. Moreover, it provides dozens of other business-oriented tips to help your website stand out from the crowd. If you have used Squarespace 5 or other website builders/CMSes, this book will help you understand the key differences and teach you how to do things based on the new features of Squarespace 7.


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