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Building an App UI with PrimeFaces [Video]

Kobus du Toit

Create interactive, friendly and powerful UIs with PrimeFaces
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Video Details

ISBN 139781783284290
Course Length1 hour 25 minutes

About This Video

  • Develop an attractive and functional UI for your application with PrimeFaces and other technologies
  • Secure your implementations with Tomcat and web.xml
  • Use JSF template and CSS to make your UI look the way you want it to

Who This Video Is For

If you know Java and want to develop great looking UIs for your web applications using PrimeFaces, then this tutorial is just for you. You do not need any previous web or database experience.

Table of Contents

Installing NetBeans
Installing MongoDB
Installing MongoVUE
Create an Online MongoDB Account
Connecting to a Remote MongoDB
Creating a Basic Web Application
Creating a Web Application Using NetBeans
Configuring JSF
Configuring PrimeFaces
Configuring Spring
Configuring MongoDB
Upgrading the Web Application to Use Spring and PrimeFaces
Creating a PrimeFaces Web Page
Creating a Spring Managed Bean (PrimeFaces)
Linking the Web Page with the Spring Managed Bean
Creating the Spring and Mongo Classes for the Screens
Creating the Spring Classes
Creating Mongo DAO
Linking It All Together
Building the Admin Screen Selection
Creating the List Page
Creating the Person Data Component
Updating the Admin Managed Bean and Service
Linking It All Together (MongoDB, PrimeFaces, and Spring)
Tomcat Security
Upgrading web.xml to Allow Multiple Roles
Upgrading the Tomcat Settings
Upgrading Pages to Use CSS
Creating a JSF Template
Using CSS to Make the Template Look Better

What You Will Learn

  • Configure PrimeFaces and Spring and then create a JSF web application in NetBeans
  • Transfer data from a local to a remote Mongo database using MongoVue
  • Develop your webpage using PrimeFaces, create a Spring managed bean, and link both together
  • Create a Spring service as well as a MongoDB data access object and connect them to your frontend
  • Build a Data List page and develop CRUD data display web pages using a reusable JSF component
  • Enhance the security of your UI by configuring the Tomcat settings and the web.xml
  • Set up a JSF template and extend it with the help of CSS

In Detail

PrimeFaces is a leading frontend framework that helps you build a user interface which is flexible without a fuss. It's one of the fastest ways to create great looking and fully functional websites. When coupled with JavaServer Faces (JSF) you will be able to not only create websites very quickly, but also ones that are extensible and maintainable.

The tutorial starts off with configuring the required components: PrimeFaces, NetBeans, MongoDB, MongoVUE, JSF, and Spring. You then go on to develop a very basic JSF and PrimeFaces UI for your website using Spring and Mongo running on a Tomcat server. Next you will upgrade the website using more features like the creation of the data administration pages and securing the administration pages. Finally you will use CSS and JSF templates to finish off a functional database-driven website with a beautiful and neat interface.

This set of videos will show you how to take full advantage of PrimeFaces by coupling it with JSF, Spring, and MongoDB to create a user interface that meets your demands of flexibility and extensibility.



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