Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects [Video]

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  • Learn and create amazing high-quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch
  • Learn the Bootstrap 4 utilities, classes, components & JS widgets using a custom sandbox environment
  • Create a professional workflow & dev server to build from source and compile Sass
  • Learn semantic HTML5 & modern CSS3 techniques

You do NOT need to know Bootstrap 3 for this course. Even if you already know Bootstrap 4, skip the learning sections and head right for section 6 to create the custom workflow and start the projects. Everything is completely modular! The author has created a completely custom HTML learning environment for the first few sections of this course. Each lecture has an HTML page associated with it and has a start state. As we move along through the lectures, you code along with me learning all that Bootstrap 4 offers including helpers/utilities, components, widgets, flexbox and more.Bootstrap Starter Pack - Once you get through the sandbox, we will setup the starter pack which I also created for this course. This will give us a real development workflow to compile Bootstrap 4 from source and compile Sass. It will even give us a dev server with autoload. This is what we will use for the 5 projects. We will use the Starter pack to create 5 real-world themes including:

LoopLap - A social UI Theme

Mizuxe - A Book/Product Showcase Theme

Blogen - A blog admin area UI

Glozzom - A multi-page theme with a carousel and some 3rd party scripts

Portfoligrid - A portfolio theme using the grid, flexbox and the collapse widget

Style and Approach

This course will literally take you from knowing nothing about Bootstrap 3 or 4 to learning all of the utilities, components, widgets and grids and building real world themes and websites.

  • Very easy to follow.
  • This course was created for the beta version of Bootstrap but its applicable for the latest version.
Course Length 9 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781789535457
Date Of Publication 27 May 2018


Brad Traversy

Brad Traversy has been programming for around 12 years and teaching for almost 5 years. He is the owner of Traversy Media which is a successful web development YouTube channel and specializes in everything from HTML5 to front-end frameworks like Angular as well as server-side technologies like Node.js, PHP, and Python. Brad has mastered explaining very complex topics in a simple manner that is very understandable. Invest in your knowledge by watching Brad's courses.