Beginning Vue.js

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  • Use the basic features of Vue.js to create dynamic and animated lists
  • Identify how to use computed properties
  • Animate with JavaScript instead of CSS
  • Utilize Single Page Applications and Webpack
  • Package reusable transitions into components
  • Create user-friendly and performant single-page applications
  • Create a REST client and server for Vue.js applications to seamlessly communicate with the Internet
  • Create real-time applications with Electron, Firebase, Feathers, and Horizon

Developers can do wonders with Vue.js — an ecosystem that scales between a library and a full-featured framework. Beginning Vue.js teaches all that you need to know about Vue.js to create modern interactive web applications.

It starts with the basics, such as lists and filters, and then progresses to advanced features such as using Jasmine for testing Vue.js and creating universal applications with Electron. By the end of the course, you will also know how to integrate the Vue.js framework with others.

The code files for this title are uploaded on GithubL:

  • Equipped with a wide spectrum of topics, starting with basics, such as lists, and ending with advanced features, such as creating real-time applications
  • Contains multiple assessments and activities to benchmark your progress
  • Comprises of interesting tips and tricks that make using Vue.js more efficient
Course Length 6 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781789534719
Date Of Publication 23 Nov 2018


Andrea Passaglia

Andrea Passaglia was born in Genoa, in northern Italy. Interested about technology since his parents gave him a toy computer when he was a boy, he started studying web technologies at an early age. After obtaining his master's degree in computer engineering he worked on the design and implementation of web interfaces for companies of various sizes and in different industries (healthcare, fashion, tourism, and transport). In 2016 he moves in the silicon valley of Europe to tackle new problems in the banking industry at the Edgeverve Dublin Research and Development Labs. A backend technologist by trade, Vue.js is his first tool to bring to life his creations when it comes to the frontend. Andrea is married to a lovely Russian girl from Siberia and they often cook together mixing culinary traditions.

Gary Jennings

Gary Jennings is a full stack web developer in Calgary, Alberta who has a passion for frontend development and design. He is an instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where he instructs in the web development fast track program. Gary was drawn to web development because of his love for creating and finding solutions to problems. He has developed web applications for the medical industry and health and safety industry in Canada. Always inspired to use technology for good, he seeks to teach and help guide those around him whenever he can, whether in a classroom or online.