Beginning Server-Side Application Development with Angular [eLearning]

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  • Use the official tools of Angular to build an SEO-friendly application
  • Create web applications that map to current Angular best practices
  • Manage your Angular applications with Angular CLI
  • Implement server-side rendering for future web application projects
  • Configure service workers to automatically update applications in the background

Before adding service workers and starting out with server-side rendering, you will learn how to build a small and simple application. Once we’ve scaffolded our UI components and implemented key application logic, we’ll explore how this application works offline and without JavaScript.

Once our starter application is created and working as expected, you will learn all about server-side rendering. In order to do this, you will learn how to configure the application to use a Node.js server that pre-renders the application. You will also discover ways to enhance your application to work progressively, with service workers that you can configure with Angular CLI. By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently create server-side applications that display a significant improvement in performance.

Style and Approach

This course perfectly balances theory and practical demonstrations. Each module is designed to build on the coverage of the previous lesson and contains multiple examples based on real-life business scenarios for you to practice and apply your new skills in a highly relevant context.

  • Rapidly build an application that is optimized for search performance
  • Develop service workers to make your application truly progressive
  • Automatically update metadata and load in content from external APIs
Course Length 2 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781789344486
Date Of Publication 19 Aug 2018


Bram Borggreve

Bram Borggreve is a software engineer from the Netherlands, who currently works as an instructor at, and is the founder of Colmena Consultancy. With almost 20 years of experience in all fields of the software lifecycle, Bram has a complete overview of the high-value challenges that clients are keen to resolve.

Tamas Piros

Tamas Piros is a full stack web developer turned technical trainer who has a decade of experience working with prestigious organisation throughout the world including Credit Suisse, Verizon, BBC and Accenture to mention a few. Throughout his professional career, he has delivered presentations and workshops all over the world to a mix of technical and non-technical audiences. He has recently launched a blog dedicated to developers wishing to read articles around the latest & greatest tech. He also owns a training business in London, UK called Full Stack Training Ltd. He is active on Twitter as well so you can follow him there by searching for @tpiros.

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