Beginning Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS [eLearning]

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  • Learn what is a responsive design and its importance in modern web development
  • Fully utilize cleaner, faster, and semantically rich HTML markup
  • Integrate CSS media queries into designs to serve unique styles to audiences
  • Create web forms with built-in validation and interface elements using only HTML
  • Use latest stylistic flourishes with custom fonts, properties, and selectors
  • Use SVGs for resolution independence

With this course, you can build websites that will transform the user experience. This course begins with the latest techniques provided by HTML5 and CSS3. Along the way, you'll discover tips and tricks that make your future designs and development workflow leaner and more maintainable than ever before. By the time you reach the end, you'll be equipped with the latest cutting edge front- end development skills, ready to develop your very own modern, responsive websites that are pixel-perfect across a wide range of devices.

The code files are available at:

Style and Approach

This course perfectly balances theory and exercises. Each module is designed to build on the learnings of the previous lesson. The course contains multiple demos that use real-life business scenarios for you to practice and apply your new skills in a highly relevant context.

  • Covers essential aspects of RWD and front-end development best practices
  • Uses real-world examples to teach HTML5 and CSS3 techniques
  • Perfectly blends theory, hands-on exercises and assessments
Course Length 6 hours 53 minutes
ISBN 9781789131215
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2018


Ben Frain

Ben Frain has been a web designer/developer since 1996. He is currently employed as a senior frontend developer at Bet365.

Before the web, he worked as an underrated (and modest) TV actor and technology journalist, having graduated from Salford University with a degree in media and performance.

He has written four equally underrated (his opinion) screenplays and still harbors the (fading) belief he might sell one. Outside of work, he enjoys simple pleasures: playing indoor football while his body and wife still allow it, and wrestling with his two sons. His other book, Sass and Compass for Designers, is available now. Visit Ben online at and follow him on Twitter at

Cord Slatton-Valle

Cord Slatton-Valle started working with web development when he was 15 years old having read an article in a magazine. Over 20 years later, he is still enjoying development and the constant learning needed to maintain his skills in the feld. He has expanded into Raspberry Pi and other platforms, in addition to the web. He mentors students in web development and spends his free time doing maker-style projects and working with his wife on his newly purchased home.

Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller is a freelance web designer, college professor, and interactive artist living in eastern Pennsylvania. He has taught courses in animation, web/graphic design, video game design, and programming at a variety of schools, including Lehigh University, Northampton Community College, Drexel University, Lafayette College, Montgomery County Community College, and Lehigh Valley College. He currently holds a tenure-track position at Kutztown University, where he teaches web design, graphic design, and interactivity. He also teaches part time at Lehigh University, and runs a successful freelance design business in his downtime. His true interests lie in the intersection between design and programming, specifically with the creation of digital interactive work.

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