Beginning Laravel [Video]

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  • Set up system requirements for your Laravel application
  • Work with the Laravel Directory structure and various artisan commands
  • Work with Laravel Routes and the Laravel MVC structure
  • Understand the basics of validations in controllers
  • Create a basic web application that explains CRUD operations

Using Laravel's PHP framework, it's easy to create complex business applications, but its strict system requirements confuse most beginners. This course will help you understand those system requirements and set them up in your preferred development environment, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you can start developing with Laravel.

You will start by understanding necessary system requirements for Laravel, and how you can install Laravel for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Then you will look into creating and configuring your first Laravel application. You will learn about the Laravel Directory Structure, as well as dependencies, packages, and installation with Composer. After that you will learn all about the Laravel MVC structure: routes, controllers, models, views, and templates. Finally, you will apply all you have learnt to create a simple Web application with Laravel, with CRUD operations and basic validations.

Style and Appraoch

A fast-paced guide that will take you on a journey through Laravel's essentials and quickly progress to meatier topics. This course will whet your appetite to learn more and progress to the next level of learning. A basic understanding of PHP is assumed.

  • Your one-stop guide to the latest features of Laravel 5.x
  • Straightforward, hands-on advice for building simple web applications using the Laravel Framework
  • Discover models, controllers, and views?concepts applied in a web context?and how they are employed in Laravel
Course Length 3 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781787127845
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2017


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