Beginning Frontend Development with React

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  • Use React within a wider application stack
  • Analyze how to break down standard interfaces into specific components
  • Create complex React components with HTML or JSX
  • Handle multiple user events and their impact on the application state
  • Use the component lifecycle to optimize the UX of applications
  • Use routing for effortless, intuitive navigation through components

Through this course, you'll learn the basics you need to get up and running with React and tackle real-world projects and challenges. It begins by explaining the basics of React and shows you the nuances while setting up a React-based application and designing a UI. Once you are comfortable in the React world, you are introduced to components and how to compose them using JSX. With this course, you can learn advanced concepts, such as data propagation, data binding, and also discover how to manage the internal state of a component. You'll also learn about component lifecycle events and understand how to manage routing. By the time you are done with the course, you'll find yourself feeling confident to take on real-world projects.

  • Familiarize with both basic and advanced topics
  • Understand the concepts with the help of real-world use cases
  • Create and manage the state of components across applications
Course Length 1 hour 07 minutes
ISBN 9781789531527
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2018


Andrea Chiarelli

Andrea Chiarelli has over 20 years experience as a software engineer and technical writer. In his professional career, he has used various technologies for the projects he has been involved in: from C# to JavaScript, from Angular to React, from ASP.NET to PhoneGap/Cordova. He has contributed to many online and offline magazines and has been the author of a few books published by Wrox Press and Packt. Currently, he is a senior software engineer at the Italian office of Apparound, Inc. and a regular contributor to, an Italian online magazine focused on web technologies. You can follow him on Twitter at @andychiare.

David W. Parker

David W. Parker (eLearning author) is programming professionally for 16 years. He had worked for large enterprises such as the United States Air Force. His work also includes several small startups as CTO and VP of Engineering. He is the co-founder of Uvize, accepted into Techstars startup accelerator and later sold it. He has passion for graphics, personal finance, and education.