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  • Architect a single-page web application using Backbone.js
  • Easily transmit data to and from a server-side API (RESTful or not) using Backbone's Models and Classes
  • Add and modify DOM elements with Backbone Views, and create browsable client-side pages with Routers
  • Document your Backbone.js logic, with or without popular tools such as JSDoc or Docco, to ensure long-term maintainability
  • Prevent bugs and ease refactoring by testing your code with frameworks such as QUnit, Mocha, or Buster and auxiliary tools such as Sinon
  • Use Backbone.js's sister library, Underscore, to realize the full power of a Backbone application
  • Explore advanced Backbone techniques and save time and effort by using the most powerful third-party tools available

This book offers insight into creating and maintaining dynamic Backbone.js web applications. It delves into the the fundamentals of Backbone.js and helps you achieve mastery of the Backbone library.

Starting with Models and Collections, you'll learn how to simplify client-side data management and easily transmit data to and from your server. Next, you'll learn to use Views and Routers to facilitate DOM manipulation and URL control so that your visitors can navigate your entire site without ever leaving the first HTML page. Finally, you'll learn how to combine those building blocks with other tools to achieve high-performance, testable, and maintainable web applications.

  • Construct top-notch web applications by mastering the powerful tools provided by Backbone.js
  • Gain insights into how to simplify data management and create single-page web applications with powerful user interfaces
  • This is a fast-paced guide on how to test, document, and leverage third-party libraries, and helps you get the most out of Backbone.js
Page Count 180
Course Length 5 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781784394790
Date Of Publication 28 May 2015


Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is a writer and programmer who was born, raised, and presently resides in Silicon Valley. Jeremy currently works as a Staff Software Engineer at Syapse, where he develops the company's precision medicine platform and helps doctors treat serious medical conditions using genetic sequencing. Prior to Syapse, Jeremy worked in the multifamily tenant industry, where he drafted multiple XML standards while serving as Technical Vice Chair of the industry's standards committee.

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys reading, playing old computer games, and answering questions on Stack Overflow. If the weather is nice, he can often be found hiking or just lying on the beach in neighboring Santa Cruz. Jeremy is also the author of two programming libraries: Underscore Grease and BackSupport, and he is an active proponent of all things Backbone-related.