Azure Masterclass: Manage Cloud storage with Azure Storage [Video]

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  • Create managed and unmanaged disk types and convert between them
  • Work with storage pools and utilize them as an efficient and scalable disk management system

This course introduces beginners to the basic fundamentals of Azure with easy, hands-on exercises that you can practice. Learn about everything there is to know about Azure and its cloud-based storage. Azure takes the hassle out of managing data on its cloud-based platform as most critical data management issues are handled by Azure itself. The best thing about it is that you have all the right to your data anytime and anywhere in the world without the need to install or maintain any type of dedicated hardware or software. The data is available over HTTP and HTTPs, and Azure provides development kits over a wide range of programming languages. It also supports the PowerShell CLI.
This course focuses on providing you with hands-on knowledge so you can employ and manage data storage strategies on Azure.

  • Work with different disk types and storage accounts available to you as an Azure user
  • Create managed and unmanaged disk types and convert between them
  • The concepts and applications of storage pools
  • Handy tips and tools for a smooth workflow on Azure
  • And much more 

This course will teach you everything about managing and employing data storage strategies on Azure.

All the Code files are placed at

Style and Approach

This course will teach you Azure Cloud Storage using a step-by-step approach; you'll gain in-depth knowledge via practical examples.

  • Learn all about Azure Storage Services and its associated features
  • Work with different disk types and storage accounts available to you as an Azure user
Course Length 2 hours 59 minutes
ISBN 9781838556310
Date Of Publication 23 Jan 2019


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