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ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook

Sonal Aneel Allana

Over 60 practical recipes for integrating jQuery with ASP.NET
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849690461
Paperback308 pages

About This Book

  • Tips and tricks for interfacing the jQuery library with ASP.NET controls
  • Boost ASP.NET applications with the power of jQuery
  • Use a problem-solution based approach with hands-on examples for ASP.NET developers
  • Step-by-step guide with plenty of code snippets and screen images
  • Simple, effective, and easy-to-follow recipes

Who This Book Is For

This book is for ASP.NET developers who want to learn ASP.NET and jQuery integration. The book assumes you have prior experience of developing web applications using ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio, and jQuery. As this book targets readers of various experience levels, you will find useful recipes regardless of your skill level.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Working with ASP.NET Controls
Creating default text for TextBoxes
Auto focus on the first TextBox and tab on the Enter key
Disallowing cut/copy/paste operations on a TextBox
Highlighting text in a TextBox and copying to the clipboard
Displaying selected items of a CheckBoxList
Selecting/deselecting all items in CheckBoxList
Getting selected text and value from DropDownList
Appending items at runtime to a DropDownList
Creating 'Back to Top' ASP.NET hyperlink
Updating URL of ASP.NET hyperlink at runtime
Chapter 2: Validation of ASP.NET Controls
Getting started
Validation of a sample user login form
Validation of basic field types in a user profile form
Character limit validation in Multiline ASP.NET TextBox
Validation of date range in ASP.NET Form
Validation of ASP.NET CheckBoxList
Validation of ASP.NET RadioButtonList
Validation of ASP.NET ListBox Control
Validation of ASP.NET DropDownList Control
Chapter 3: Working with GridView Control
Highlighting rows/cells of a GridView on hover
Removing GridView rows/cells on click
Removing a GridView column on clicking the header
Dragging and dropping GridView rows
Changing cursor style for selective rows of a GridView
Formatting a GridView and applying animation effect
Retrieving the content of a GridView cell on click
Chapter 4: Working with Image Control
Adding/removing hyperlinks on images
Displaying image captions
Changing image opacity on mouseover
Viewing enlarged images on mouseover on thumbnail
Swapping images on a page
Cropping images on a page
Creating an image gallery viewer
Zooming images on mouseover
Chapter 5: Animations in ASP.NET
Enlarging text on hover
Creating a fade effect on hover
Sliding elements on a page
Preventing animation queue buildup
Animating a panel
Chaining animations together
Hiding and displaying panels
Creating disappearing effect
Chapter 6: AJAX and ASP.NET (Part I)
Setting up AJAX with ASP.NET using jQuery
Using Firebug to view AJAX request/response
Consuming page methods with AJAX
Consuming web services with AJAX
Populating ASP.NET DropDownList using AJAX
Creating an auto complete search box
Chapter 7: AJAX and ASP.NET (Part II)
Displaying a progress indicator during AJAX calls
Reading XML data with AJAX
Catching and displaying AJAX errors
Using AJAX to load scripts in web pages
Cross site AJAX querying using jQuery
Using complex data types with AJAX
Chapter 8: Client Templating in jQuery
Using jQuery Templates to display data
Displaying arrays using nested templates
Calling JavaScript functions and conditional statements in templates
Creating an ASP.NET CheckBoxList in templates
Using templates to format data returned from web services
Using callback functions with jQuery templates
Calling external templates using jQuery

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to use jQuery's formidable power with ASP.NET controls
  • Implement impressive animations using client script
  • Explore interesting graphic applications using the Image control
  • Interface jQuery with the GridView control
  • Develop feature-rich and responsive AJAX-enabled ASP.NET applications
  • Use Firebug to work with AJAX request / response dialogs
  • Post AJAX requests to page methods, web services, and HTTP Handlers
  • Use various jQuery plugins to enhance your web applications
  • Build simple and effective applications using client templating
  • Develop rich web content using client scripting

In Detail

jQuery is a powerful, lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies various web development tasks. With the integration of jQuery with Visual Studio 2010, it has become increasingly popular for ASP.NET developers to use jQuery's awesome power in their applications. Combining jQuery and ASP.NET creates applications that are anything but lightweight. Using this Cookbook you will become adept at using this library in your ASP.NET web applications.

This cookbook shares the most powerful, impressive, and just plain handy jQuery secrets for ASP.NET developers. From substitute server-side code to corresponding client script, it shows ASP.NET developers how to get the most from jQuery in a simple, effective, and easy manner.

The cookbook takes a pragmatic approach in applying the jQuery library to ASP.NET applications. It will help you to master the use of jQuery with ASP.NET by taking you step-by-step through hands-on, practical recipes. With its help, you can learn to manipulate various ASP.NET controls like TextBox, CheckBoxList, DropDownList, BulletedList, Hyperlink, Image, and GridView as well as custom user controls. The book teaches client validation techniques thus providing a substitute for the server-side Validation Control. It explores various graphic and animation effects that can be accomplished very easily with the library to give a better interactive experience to the end user. It explores AJAX in depth and describes the use of Firebug to view / troubleshoot the corresponding request / response dialog. You will also learn to develop rich content using client scripting.


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