ArcGIS for JavaScript Developers by Example

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  • Find out what you need to develop a web mapping application in the ArcGIS environment
  • Get to know about the major features provided by the ArcGIS JavaScript API
  • See the coding best practices to develop modular dojo-based JavaScript applications
  • Get to grips with writing custom re-usable dojo modules using dojo and esri modules and dijits
  • Understand how to use various ArcGIS data sources and other open geospatial data available on the web
  • Discover how to query spatial data and get the best out of your data using analytical techniques
  • Master the art of rendering your map beautifully and create wonderful data visualizations using non-map objects such as charts
  • Grasp how to create secure and scalable web maps

The book starts by explaining the basics of the ArcGIS web mapping ecosystem. The book walks you through the development of six major applications, covering a wide variety of topics such as querying, rendering, advanced data visualization and performing map analytics. It also emphasizes on writing modular code using pure dojo, which is the preferred platform for developing web GIS applications using ArcGIS JavaScript API.

By the end of the book, you will have gained enough practical experience to architect a robust and visually powerful mapping application using the API.

  • Unshackle your GIS application from a workstation! Get running with three major web mapping projects covering all the important aspects of the ArcGIS JavaScript API.
  • Set a strong foundation for the ArcGIS JavaScript API and modular coding with dojo.
  • Gain a crystal clear understanding of the ArcGIS JavaScript, and become skilled in creating exciting and interesting geospatial apps.
Page Count 286
Course Length 8 hours 34 minutes
ISBN 9781785888663
Date Of Publication 28 Apr 2016


Jayakrishnan Vijayaraghavan

Jayakrishnan Vijayaraghavan is a geospatial data scientist, innovator, and author of a book titled ArcGIS for JavaScript developers. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and has over 8 years of work experience. He has built patented technologies and products in the geospatial domain and has coached teams on leveraging mapping and spatial analytics tools for solving pertinent business problems. He is adept at computational geometry, especially in graph networks and in geospatial inferencing. He is a DAAD scholar and a winner of the UN-Habitat special jury award. He is keen on developing intelligent and ubiquitous mapping systems by integrating ML and DL techniques with GIS. He is also a novelist and a certified UAV pilot.

Yogesh Dhanapal

Yogesh Dhanapal has expertise in developing and delivering end-to-end web mapping application for key clients, and he is proficient in many web technologies. He also has many years of training and education in the geospatial domain. A hardcore programmer and GIS enthusiast, Yogesh is a Microsoft-certified solutions developer—web applications and Esri-certified web developer. He has gained expertise in applying GIS for transportation and petroleum domain and has extensive experience in customizing Esri roads and highways extension with JavaScript dojo modules. He is keen on developing cross-platform and web applications with a mobile-first approach.