Aptana RadRails: An IDE for Rails Development

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This book will show you how to use the tools RadRails provides to improve your productivity:

  • Tools for writing code: Specialized Editors for Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;  Code Assistance; Code Completion; Refactoring; Quick Code Navigation; Outline Views
  • Tools for testing and debugging:  Unit Testing; Graphical Debugger; Monitoring of Log Files
  • Tools for project management: Specialized views for launching your Tasks and Generators;  Management of your Gems and Plug-ins; Rails Servers Control

You will also learn how to use other Eclipse plug-ins for synchronizing your projects with Subversion and for managing your databases. 

  • Comprehensive guide to using RadRails during the whole development cycle
  • Code Assistance, Graphical Debugger, Testing, Integrated Console
  • Manage your gems, plug-ins, servers, generators, and Rake tasks
  • Rails 2.0-ready
  • Includes a chapter about Subversion and Database integration
  • Smart Code Assistants for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
Page Count 248
Course Length 7 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781847193988
Date Of Publication 22 May 2008


Javier Ramírez

Javier Ramírez has been developing Web Applications since before the term Web Application was coined. Born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1974, he started programming as a hobby around the age of 11 assisted by his older sister. A few years later, he got his first modem and became a regular of BBSes and Newsgroups. His interest in developing server applications that can be accessed remotely comes from those times.

He has learned —and forgotten— many programming languages, including Basic, dBase III, Cobol, Pascal, SQL, C, C++, ASP, TCL, JavaScript, PHP, and Java, the language on which he has focused for most of his career so far. He has held the positions of programmer, analyst, consultant, team leader, post-sales engineer, project manager, and software architect, totaling over 12 years in the IT business.

Having developed projects mainly for banks and other big corporations in Spain, Italy and the US, he co-founded some years ago a small software development shop, which provided him with valuable experience about the difficulties and the joys of entrepreneurship. After two years, he left the company in pursuit of new professional challenges.

For the last two years, he has been proudly working for ASPgems, where he discovered Ruby on Rails, which soon became his framework of choice for developing Web Applications. He is one of the organizers of the Spanish Rails Conference, also participating as a Speaker in the two events held so far.

He has also been an instructor on Robotics, Java, FatWire Content Server, and Ruby on Rails, and a University Lecturer in the subjects of 'Software Engineering' and 'The Java Programming Language', which he currently teaches at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, in Madrid.

Javier Ramírez holds a B.Sc. in Business Information Systems with First Class Honors and a degree in Ingeniería en Sistemas de Computación.

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