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  • Leverage Wicket to implement a wide variety of both simple and advanced use cases in a narrative that gets straight to the point
  • Make forms work in the crazy world of the Web by learning the ways of Wicket's form processing
  • Simplify localizing your Wicket applications
  • Take the boring out of your forms by discovering how to improve the user experience while simplifying your code at the same time
  • Leverage the built-in Table component to make displaying tabular data a snap
  • Think Wicket's Borders are not very useful? Learn to use them in unexpected places to simplify things
  • See how to integrate with Flash components and create interactive charts at the same time
  • Web 1.0 too boring? Learn how to tame Wicket's AJAX support and bring your application into Web 2.0
  • Simplify your security code by learning various security techniques
  • An application cannot be built with Wicket alone; see how to make it play nice with other frameworks

Apache Wicket is one of the most famous Java web application frameworks. Wicket simplifies web development and makes it fun. Are you bored of going through countless pages of theory to find out how to get your web development done? With this book in hand, you don't need to go through hundreds of pages to figure out how you will actually build a web application. You will get practical solutions to your common everyday development tasks to pace up your development activities.

Apache Wicket Cookbook provides you with information that gets your problems solved quickly without beating around the bush. This book is perfect for you if you are ready to take the next step from tutorials and step into the practical world. It will take you beyond the basics of using Apache Wicket and show you how to leverage Wicket's advanced features to create simpler and more maintainable solutions to what at first may seem complex problems.

You will learn how to integrate with client-side technologies such as JavaScript libraries or Flash components, which will help you to build your application faster. You will discover how to use Wicket paradigms to factor out commonly used code into custom Components, which will reduce the maintenance cost of your application, and how to leverage the existing Wicket Components to make your own code simpler.

  • The Apache Wicket Cookbook covers the full spectrum of features offered by the Wicket web framework
  • Implement advanced user interactions by following the live examples given in this Cookbook
  • Create reusable components and speed up your web application development
  • Another title in Packt's Cookbook series giving clear, step-by-step, and to-the-point recipes to perform common and not so common tasks with Wicket

Chapter 12

Page Count 312
Course Length 9 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781849511605
Date Of Publication 24 Mar 2011


Igor Vaynberg

Igor Vaynberg is a software architect with more than ten years of experience in the software field. His liking for computers was sparked when his parents got him a Sinclair Z80 when he was but ten years old. Since then he has worked with companies both large and small building modular and scalable web applications. Igor's main interest is finding ways to simplify the development of complex user interfaces required by modern web applications. Igor is a committer for the Apache Wicket framework, the aim of which is to simplify the programming model as well as reintroduce OOP to the web UI tier. In his AFK time he enjoys snowboarding with his beautiful wife and playing with his amazing children.